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Chauvin Arnoux VX0100 BioTest LF Electrical Field Tester

Chauvin Arnoux VX0100 BioTest LF Electrical Field Tester
sku: VX0100
MPN: VX0100

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  • Detects and measures electromagnetic fields around the workplace
  • Two measurement modes: traditional and reference
  • Audible indication when fields are detected

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Chauvin Arnoux VX0100 BioTest LF Electrical Field Tester Details

Suitable for use in the home or around the office, Chauvin Arnoux VX0100 is used to test the amount of electromagnetic pollution given off by electrical equipment.

The Chauvin Arnoux VX0100 is the upgraded version of the VX0003. The main difference is in the inclusion of a removable 62mm field antenna, whereas the VX0003 has a built-in internal sensor inside its casing. The VX0100 model also has much wider detection range and can measure electromagnetic fields from 10Hz to 100kHz.

Using the external sensor, it's also possible to detect cables due to the electromagnetic field they give off. All tests are carried out with current standards and directives, including 1999/519/CE, 2004/40/CE and others.

The VX0100 has two measurement modes. You can either use the representative testing method to test field strength while taking the user's presence into account, or use the traditional measurement mode to measure field strength with fields referenced to earth.

Chauvin Arnoux VX0100 BioTest LF Electric Field Tester Key Features

  • Two measurement modes: representative (takes into account user's magnetic field) or traditional (fields references to earth)
  • Test pollution generated by electrical power distribution from 0 to 3kHz
  • Test pollution generated by connected equipment from 3 to 100kHz
  • Removable external antenna for field measurement and cable detection
  • Ideal for testing the magnetic fields given off from electrical power distribution, electrical cables, surge protectors, computers, lighting and more
  • Made in compliance with a wide variety of standards including IEEE C95.6-2000, European DIrectives and others
  • Measurement range from 10Hz to 100kHz
  • Handheld, portable design
  • Battery life of approximately 60 to 80 hours
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty included
  • Dual indication - measurements on the LCD screen, plus audible indication when fields are detected
  • Delivered with a socket tester for determining phase position and presence of earth

What's Included?

  • Chauvin Arnoux VX0100 BioTest LF Electric Field Tester
  • External Field and Cable Detection Antenna (HX0100)
  • 5m Earth Cable (HX0103)
  • Socket Tester
  • Hard Carrying Case (270 x 195 x 65mm) - HX0109

Optional Accessories

  • P01102084 Rod
  • P01102034 Adapter for Rod (x2)
Technical Specs

Part Code: VX0100

Chauvin Arnoux VX0 Series Technical Specifications

ModelVX 0003VX 0100
Display and Buzzer
Display Type Dual LED 2000 count backlit LCD
Direct Display in Volt/m (Compatible with Standards)
Buzzer Proportional to the Level of the Field E
Indication of Measurement Frequency Range -
Low Battery and Hold Indicators
Start/Stop (with automatic stop 30mn)
Measurement Hold Function
Buzzer Start/Stop
Selection of Measurement Range Manual Automatic
Selection of 3kHz Filter (<, >, Full Band) -
Antenna and Reference
Antenna Type Built-in field antenna (inside casing) Removable 62mm field antenna
Cable Detection Function -
Field Measurement Referenced to Individual
Field Measurement Referenced to Earth
+Rod -
RMS Electric Field Intensity in V/m
Sensitivity Ranges 5 to 100V/m
100 to 2000V/m
1.0 to 200.0V/m
100 to 2000V/m
Accuracy (in Laboratory Conditions) ±10% on LED thresholds ±3% ± 5D at 50/60Hz
Analysis of Electrical Distribution, 10Hz to 3kHz
Analysis of Equipment Connected to Mains 10Hz to 3kHz 5Hz to 3kHz (3kHz low-pass filter)
3kHz to 100kHz (3kHZ high-pass filter)
5Hz to 100kHz (3kHz without filter)
General Specifications
Power 9V battery (included)
Battery life of 80 hours
Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes
Safety/Protection Single earth terminal
Protected reference contact
Reversed (M/F) antenna and earth terminals
Protected reference contact
Metrology Metrological monitoring available via the Chauvin Arnoux/AEMC network
IP Rating IP65
Dimensions 63.6 x 163 x 40mm
Weight Approx 200g (with battery)
Warranty 2 years

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