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About Environmental Testers

As we strive for a more sustainable human environment, it’s now more important than ever to regularly test the environmental installation and equipment we use.  In addition we need the right tools to install new green technology, such as solar PV panels.

Environmental testing equipment comes in many, many different forms.  Since there’s so much that affects our environment from carbon emissions to the something as fundamental as windspeed, it’s important to Tester that we cater to any need and that’s exactly why you’ll find our store absolutely stocked to the gills with hundreds of different kinds of test equipment.

Under our enviro-equipment category you’ll find a significant selection of products, each of which comes from top suppliers like Fluke, Metrel, Amprobe and many more. Under this category you’ll find:

Air Quality – A selection of products designed to test the air for airborne particles, or to test for potentially hazardous gasses.

Airflow and Windspeed – Meters to test that the air circulating around an environment is correctly ventilated and free from unwanted gases.

Humidity – High and low humidity can have an effect on both humans and the environment, so make sure you check out the full range of products and test your workspace for uncomfortable levels of humidity.

Light Meters – Mainly used for testing that lighting is outputting the correct levels of light; perfect for professional electricians.

Microwave and Radiation – Deadly in high doses, so make sure you’re regularly testing areas for dangerous levels of radiation.

Moisture Meters – Test different kinds of materials to ensure they haven’t been damaged by moisture content.

Multifunction Environmental – Here you’ll find some of the most impressive equipment in our range that gives you the ability to test multiple environmental aspects all from one device!

PH and Water Quality – Perfect for use in scientific environments, these special test meters allow you to quickly check acidity, alkalinity and make sure that liquids are safe for human consumption.

Sound Level Meters – Dangerous levels of sound can severely affect those working in an area, so in noisy environments, such as clubs and concert halls, it’s essential to regularly check that sound hasn’t reached dangerous peaks.

Tachometers – Measure the rotation speed of an item easily and effectively.

Environmental Accessories – A range of great products designed to complement your new testing equipment. In addition to this selection of products we also stock a range of solar equipment, thermometers and LED lighting solutions.

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