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DiLog DL7040 Digital Light Meter

DiLog DL7040 Digital Light Meter
sku: DL7040
MPN: DL7040

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  • LCD display has 4000 counts and a bargraph
  • Silicon photo diode sensor
  • 1.5 times per second measuring rate

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DiLog DL7040 Digital Light Meter Details

A digital light meter capable of measuring light levels in lux, the DL7040 is ideal for any application where quantifying light intensity is a must.

To carry out measurements the DL7040 uses a long-life photo diode sensor that's attached to the main tester via a flexible cable. This sensor allows the DL7040 to measure light between 0-50000 lux and 0 to 400000 lux, making this tester suitable for both low light and high intensity light applications.

The DL7040 carries out all measurements at a rate of 1.5 times per second and features high accuracy and resolution for ensuring all measurements taken are as accurate as is possible. Information about testing results is relayed through this light meter's 4000 count LCD display and includes bargraph representation of testing results as well as numerical readouts.

DiLog DL7040 Digital Light Meter Key Features

  • Wide measurement range up to 400000 lux
  • Long life silicone diode sensor
  • Measurement rate 1.5 times per second
  • High accuracy
  • 0.1 lux resolution
  • Sensor equipped via flexible cable
Technical Specs

Part Code: DL7040

DiLog DL7040 Technical Specifications

Display 3 1/2 digit
Lux Range/Resolution 0-50000Lux
0 to 400000Lux
±5% + 10 digits
±10% + digits
Max Resolution 0.1 Lux 
Measuring Rate 1.5 times per second 
Power Supply 1 x 9V Battery 
Dimensions 165 x 76 x 43mm 
Weight 403g 

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