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DiLog SL102 Advanced Irradiance Meter

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Both a solar irradiance meter and multimeter in one comprehensive unit, the DiLog SL102 is a versatile tool suitable for use by anyone who works with solar PV equipment (particularly when installing panels).

Shaped like a standard multimeter and with a built-in sensor attached to a flexible cable, the SL102 is easy to use and allows testing to be carried out safely and accurately (plus the flexible cable is ideal for reaching difficult installations).

The meter is capable of measuring solar irradiance to 1999W/m² or 634BTU/ft2*h. A dual display integrated into the front of the unit shows both the irradiance value and a a voltage measurement simultaneously to speed up the time you spend testing.

In addition this meter also comes with MIN/MAX mode, auto data hold, AC/DC voltage measurements to 600V and much more!

DiLog SL102 Advanced Irradiance Meter Key Features

  • Functions as both a solar PV tool and as a multimeter
  • Professional-grade design - comfortable to use and packed full of features
  • Flexible sensor attached to top of the meter
  • Dual display shows irradiance and voltage values simultaneously
  • MIN/MAX function
  • Capable of measuring solar irradiance to 1999W/m² or 634BTU/ft2*h
  • Auto data hold function
  • AC/DC voltage measurements to 600V
  • Audible continuity and diode testing
  • AC/DC current testing to 200mA (not suitable for PSC)

What's Included?

  • DiLog SL102 Advanced Irradiance Meter
  • Carrying Case
  • MC4 Red/Black Lead Set
Measurement Range Basic Accuracy
Irradiance 1999W/m2
Typically within ±5% of rdg or ±10W/m2
Typically within ±5% of rdg or ±3BTU/ft2*h
AC Voltage 0.001V - 600V 1.5% ± 5 digits
DC Voltage 0.1mV - 600V 1.0% ± 3 digits
AC Current 0.1μA - 200mA 1.8% ± 8 digits
DC Current 0.1μA 1.5% ± 3 digits
Resistance 0.1Ω - 20MΩ 1.2% ± 3 digits
Continuity <150Ω  
Diode Test 1mA max typical/Open Max 3V DC  
Power Supply 1 x 1.5V AAA & 1 x 9V battery  
Dimensions 162 (H) x 74.5 (W) x 44 (D) mm  
Weight About 380g  
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