Coin / Card Prepayment Meters & Timers (5 Products)

About Coin/Card Prepayment Meters & Timers

All kWh meters manufactured by RDL are for single phase and three phase supplies from the UK national grid and single phase and three phase supplies throughout Europe.

  • Single Phase 230V +10% / -6% at 50Hz
  • Three Phase 400V +10% / -6% at 50Hz

Dual Tariff Meters

In order for single and three phase reconditioned meters to record two separate readings, we can supply a time switch for this operation.

Installing Three Phase Meters with Current Transformers

In order to install your meter and current transformers, it is necessary to put three separate slide lock fuses on each of the phases supplying the voltage to the meter. This has to be installed to the current IEE regulations.

Current Transformers: Solid and Split Core

When unable for a subject supply cable to be disconnected, split core current transformers are a perfect alternative.

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