Voltage Detection & Safe Isolation

About Voltage Detection & Safe Isolation

Detecting the presence of live voltage on ac circuits, switches, and outlets before working on them can be achieved with the use of a voltage detector.

Also known as voltage wands, sticks, "power sniffers" or pens, they clip into a shirt pocket and beep or glow when they detect voltage on exposed conducting parts or through insulation.

Voltage detectors can be used to detect live electricity anywhere, at levels between the stated voltage capabilities. They are used to check when power is off in electric switch boxes and another wiring before beginning a project.

A proving unit is a battery-powered portable device that serves as an electronic voltage source to safely verify the operation of electrical test tools such as digital multimeters (DMM), clamp meters, or other electrical testers.

Proving units evaluate that the internal components of the voltage tester are working correctly and that measurement accuracy is maintained. They come in many different forms to accommodate the vast voltage range spectrum that can be applied to two-pole testers.

Safe isolation refers to the process of disconnecting an electrical installation from the rest of the circuit and testing that no current is flowing through it. The purpose of isolating an installation is to ensure the safety of the people who are working on it, preventing them from receiving an electric shock.

All of the equipment you need can be purchased in the form of selected Safe Isolation Kits.

We offer a wide range of voltage detectors, proving units, and safe isolation kits from manufacturers such as Fluke, Megger, Lockout Lock, FLIR, TPI, and many more. Please browse through our selections and get in touch if you have any questions.

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