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ETI 224-655 6500 Therma-Hygrometer with Fixed Remote Sensor

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Measure both the temperature and relative humidity of the air with ETI's 6500 therma-hygrometer!

This instrument uses a permanently-attached sensor which is attached to the main body via a flexible 1m probe. This makes the ETI 6500 ideal for measuring temperature/humidity inside a specific area, allowing you to mount the sensor somewhere then read results at a distance.

The ETI 6500 can measure temperature from -20 to 70°C with resolution of 0.1°C/°F and accuracy of ±1°C ± 1digit. It also measures humidity levels from 0 to 100% RH with resolution of 0.1% RH and accuracy of ±3% (20 to 80% RH) with the ability to also display dewpoint. Only one parameter can be measured at a time - use the mode button to switch between the measurement modes as needed.

In addition to these standard measurement functions, the ETI 6500 therma-hygrometer also includes a MAX/MIN mode which calculates the maximum/minimum values taken over a period of time, HOLD function which freezes the current value shown on the screen and 10,000 hour battery life.

Includes a 2 year guarantee from ETI.

ETI 224-655 6500 Therma-Hygrometer Key Features

  • Measures both temperature and humidity levels (plus dewpont)
  • Temperature measurement range from -20 to 70°C
  • Humidity measurement range from 0 to 100% RH
  • Permanently-attached sensor with 1m PVC lead
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries with life of 10,000 hours
  • MAX/MIN function calculates maximum/minimum values taken over a period of time
  • HOLD function freezes current value shown on the screen
  • Auto-power off turns the unit after 10 minutes to save battery life
Part Code224-655

ETI 6500 Technical Specifications

Range -20 to 70°C 0 to 100% RH
Resolution 0.1°C/°F 0.1% RH
Accuracy ±1°C ± 1 digit (5 to 45°C) otherwise ±1.7°C) ±3% RH (10 to 90% RH)
Hysteresis n/a ±1% RH
Sensor Type Silicone Bandgap Capacitance Polymer
Battery 3 x 1.5V AAA
Battery Life Minimum 5 years (10,000 hours)
Display 12mm LCD
Dimensions 25 x 56 x 128mm
Weight 160g
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