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ETI 810-225 Fridge/Freezer Thermometer with Internal/External Sensors

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With this digital thermometer you can measure the temperature inside a fridge or alternatively measure room temperature.

The 810-225 thermometer is designed to be placed outside a fridge where the internal sensor will calculate room temperature. A flexible remote probe with 1m cable is included plus suction pads and a mounting bracket for placing inside the fridge. You can decide which measurement is displayed on the thermometer by pressing the ‘Probe’ button on the front.

This digital thermometer can measure temperature from -49.9 to 69.9°C with resolution of 0.1°C and accuracy of ±1°C. A built-in MAX/MIN function is included, allowing the user to calculate maximum and minimum temperatures taken over a period of time.

Want to be alerted when temperature is outside the norm? Use the 810-225’s built-in adjustable high/low alarm function to do this.

ETI 810-225 Fridge/Freezer Thermometer Key Features

  • Measure the temperature of a fridge and measure room temperature outside of the fridge
  • Dual sensors – internal sensor measures room temperature, remote probe sensor is placed inside fridge to measure internal temperature
  • Remote sensor has 1m PVC lead
  • Switch between measurement modes by pressing the ‘Probe’ button
  • Measurement range from -49.9 to 69.9°C
  • Record the MAX/MIN temperature taken over a period of time
  • Adjustable high/low alarm limits with audible tone
  • Remote probe can be mounted onto the internal wall of a fridge using the including suction pad or mounting bracket
  • Durable ABS case with food-stand for mounting on a shelf
  • 3000 hour battery life on a standard 3V lithium coin cell
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit measurement modes
Part Code810-225

ETI 810-225 Technical Specifications

Temperature Range

-49.9 to 69.9°C






3V CR2032 lithium coin cell

Battery Life

3000 hours


Custom LCD


16 x 50 x 82mm



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