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Extech 480826 Triple Axis EMF Tester

Extech 480826 Triple Axis EMF Tester
sku: 480826
MPN: 480826

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  • Three axis (X, Y, Z) electromagnetic field measurement
  • Quick and accurate measurements
  • Flexible remote sensor

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Extech 480826 Triple Axis EMF Tester Details

Ideal for testing the size of electromagnetic fields on fans, electrical appliances, wiring, power lines and more, the Extech 480826 is a three-axis EMF meter that can measure EMF input from X, Y and Z directions.

The meter is capable of measuring EMF levels in both μTesla (with ranges of 20μTesla, 200μTesla and 2000μTesla and can also measure in mGauss (200mGauss, 2000mGauss and 20000mGauss). with bandwidth of 30Hz to 300Hz.

To measure EMF the Extech 480826 uses a remote sensor attached via a cable to the main measurement unit. Measurements are shown on a built-in LCD screen in your chosen unit which can be switched between using a unit button on the front of the tester. A data hold function is also included to temporarily freeze the last value taken on the screen.

Extech 480826 Triple Axis EMF Tester Key Features

  • Three axis (X, Y, Z) electromagnetic field measurements
  • Ideal for use around power lines, electrical appliances and industrial devices
  • Measures EMF in both μTesla and mGauss with three ranges for each
  • Wide bandwidth from 30Hz to 300Hz
  • Big digit LCD display makes viewing measurements easy
  • Data hold function temporarily stores last value taken on the screen
  • Remote probe attached to meter for ease of use

What's Included?

  • Extech 480826 Triple Axis EMF Tester
  • Sensor with 3ft (930mm) Cable
  • 9V Battery
  • Hard Carrying Case
Technical Specs

Part Code: 480826

Extech 480826 Technical Specifications

  Range Resolution Basic Accuracy
μTesla 20μTesla
±(10% + 5d)
mGauss 200mGauss
±(4% + 3d)
±(5% + 3d)
±(10% + 5d)
Number of Axis Three axis: X, Y, Z
Bandwidth 30Hz to 300Hz
Sampling Time Approx 0.4 seconds
Power Current Approx DC 2.7mA
Dimensions 7.6 x 2.6 x 1.2" (195 x 68 x 30mm)

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