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Extech RHT30 USB Humidity/Temperature Datalogger

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Place this instrument in your office, greenhouse, warehouse, van or any other environmentally-controlled environment to constantly log temperature/humidity levels over a period of time.

Suitable for either being propped on a surface or wall-mounted, the Extech RHT30 is easy to place wherever you need it. It's also fully configurable - the user can set the language, the sampling rate (the rate at which the meter logs data), set delayed logging and alarms, set high/low alarm limits and also set a password to prevent tampering with the RHT30's settings.

Once configured, the RHT30 can simply be left and it will log data at the rate specified for as long as you want (battery life is approx 3 months). Up to 48,000 temperature/humidity readings can be logged in the unit's internal memory; if this is filled, the unit will stop logging or you can manually stop the process by pressing the stop button on the RHT30.

When you're done logging, simply insert the RHT30 into your PC using the built-in USB connector. The data can then be downloaded as a PDF report or imported directly into Excel complete with a trending graph, ready for further analysis.

Extech RHT30 Temperature/Humidity Datalogger Key Features

  • Dual capabilities - constantly logs temperature and humidity levels in an area
  • Compact-sized housing with built-in NTC thermistor sensor and capactive humidity sensor
  • USB connector built-in for seamless connection to a PC
  • 5 digit LCD display with battery life indicator
  • Completely user programmable - set the language (6 options), the sampling rate, start delay time, alarm delay time, high/low range and a password
  • Status indicator using red and green LED lights
  • Start button begins continuous logging; logging continues until memory is full at 48,000 readings or when stop button is pressed
  • Bookmark 8 locations in a data recording log
  • Long battery life of approx 3 months
  • Generates PDF reports or Excel documents with trending graph
  • MAX/MIN function
  • Humidity range from 0.1 to 99.9% RH
  • Temperature range from -30 to 70°C

What's Included?

  • Extech RHT30 Temperature/Humidity Datalogger
  • 2 x CR2032 Batteries
  • USB Cover
  • Wall Mounting Screw
Part CodeRHT30

Extech RHT30 Technical Specifications

SpecificationsRangeMax ResolutionBasic Accuracy
Humidity 0.1 to 99.9% RH 0.1% RH ±3% RH
Temperature (Air) -30 to 70°C (-22 to 158°F) 0.1°C ±0.5°C (±1.0°F)
General Specifications
Datalogging Interval 30 seconds to 2 hours
Memory Relative humidity: 24,000 records
Temperature: 24,000 records
Dimensions 110 x 40 x 19mm
Weight 90g  
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