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Extech SDL900 AC/DC Magnetic Field Meter / Datalogger

Extech SDL900 AC/DC Magnetic Field Meter / Datalogger
sku: SDL900

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  • Milli Tesla and Gauss measurement modes
  • Datalogging with date/time stamping
  • Uniaxial sensor

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Extech SDL900 AC/DC Magnetic Field Meter / Datalogger Details

With this meter, you'll be able to test and log the level of magnetic field given off from countless types of electrical equipment, including refrigerators, microwaves, videos, elevators, batteries, power lines and much more!

Equipped with a uniaxial Hall effect sensor with built-in automatic temperature compensation, the SDL900 can measure magnetic fields to 3000 milli Tesla DC, 1500 milli Tesla AC, 30,000 Gauss DC and 15,000G AC.

The SDL900's datalogging capabilities make it suitable for prolonged measurements over a period of time. An SD card is included as standard for logging data - the user can set an adjustable sampling rate from 1 to 3600 seconds, leave the meter to log, then transfer the data to PC at a later date. Each record is date and time stamped and is exported in CSV (Excel) format for easy transferring.

Additional features of this product include north and south pole indicator, zero button for DC measurements, data hold, MIN/MAX and a built-in RS232 interface for PC communication.

Extech SDL900 AC/DC Magnetic Field Meter Key Features

  • Measure magnetic fields in Milli Tesla or Gauss
  • DC ranges - 3000mT, 30,000G
  • AC ranges: 1500mT, 15,000G
  • Uniaxial Hall effect sensor with automatic temperature compensation
  • Datalogging - adjustable sampling rate from 1 to 3600 seconds
  • Automatically date and time stamps records
  • Export in Excel format
  • North and south pole indicator
  • Zero button for DC measurements
  • Data hold function
  • MIN/MAX measurements
  • Automatic power off with disable function
  • RS232 interface with optional software

What's Included?

  • Extech SDL900 AC/DC Magnetic Field Meter
  • Uniaxial Magnetic Probe Sensor
  • Protective Cover
  • SD Memory Card
  • Universal AC Adapter with Multi-Plugs (US, EU, UK, AUS)
  • 6 x AA Batteries
  • Hard Carrying Case
Technical Specs

Part Code: SDL900

Extech SDL900 Technical Specifications

ParameterRangeMax ResolutionBasic Accuracy
DC Milli Tesla 300.00mT 0.01mT ±(5%+10d)
3000.0mT 0.1mT ±(5%+10d)
DC Gauss 3000.0G 0.1G ±(5%+10d)
30,000G 1G ±(5%+10d)
AC Milli Tesla 150.00mT 0.01mT ±(5%+20d)
1500.0mT 0.1mT ±(5%+20d)
AC Gauss 1500.0G 0.1G ±(5%+20d)
15,000G 1G ±(5%+20d)
Other Specs
Number of Axis Uniaxial
AC Bandwidth 50Hz/60Hz
Sampling Rate 1 to 3600 seconds
Datalogging Datalogs readings on SD card (included)
Dimensions 7.1 x 2.9 x 1.9" (182 x 73 x 48mm)
Weight 10.7oz (303g)

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