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FLIR IRW Infrared Window - Choice of Size

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Note: this product is available in various different sizes. Use the dropdown box above to choose model/size when placing an order.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, FLIR's infared (IR) windows allow the user to see inside an electrical cabinet safely by using a thermal camera.

By testing this way, engineers can gain invaluable insights into the inner workings of an electrical cabinet while it is still powered on, making it easier to spot problems such as overheating components. All of FLIR's thermal cameras are compatible with these windows and can detect the heat inside the cabinet to capture a comprehensive snapshot of what's happening inside.

Each window is designed to be easy to install and works with the same design as common conduit connections. Each model in the IRW series has a broadband crystal IR window - the lens is encased in rugged, anodised aluminium and can transmit short, mid and longwave IR images and even lets laser pointers and illumination shine through.

FLIR IRW Infrared Window Key Features

  • Easy to install - one hole required with PIRma-Lock ring nut to tighteten
  • PIRma-Lock reliability - teeth lock tight to inside of the panel with automatic metal component grounding
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor electrical panel installation
  • Quick-access hinged cover
  • Broadband crystal IR window lets through radiometric images
  • Compatible with all FLIR thermal cameras
  • Selection of sizes available

FLIR IRW Series Technical Specifications

General SpecificationsFLIR IRW-2CFLIR IRW-3CFLIR IRW-4C
NEMA Environment Type Type 4/12 (outdoor/indoor) Type 4/12 (outdoor/indoor) Type 4/12 (outdoor/indoor)
Voltage Range Any Any Any
Automatically Grounded Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Operating Temperature 500°F/260°C 500°F/260°C 500°F/260°C
Body Material Anodised aluminium Anodised aluminium Anodised aluminium
Gasket Material Silicone Silicone Silicone
Hardware Material Steel Steel Steel
Compatible With All FLIR Cameras Yes Yes Yes
Size Specifications      
Overall Height 85.5mm (3.36") 107.4mm (4.22") 136.5mm (5.37")
Overall Width 73mm (2.87") 99mm (3.89") 127mm (5.01")
Overall Thickness 25.5mm (1.00") 26.86mm (1.05") 29.25 (1.15")
Required Actual Hole Diameter (Nominal) 60.3mm (2-3/8") 89.9mm (3-1/2") 114.3mm (4-1/2")
Greenlee Punch 76BB 739BB 742BB
Recommended Panel Thickness Up to 3.2mm (1/8") Up to 3.2mm (1/8") Up to 3.2mm (1/8")
Maximum Panel Thickness 4.76mm (3/16") 4.76mm (3/16") 4.76mm (3/16")
Optic Specifications      
Optic Material Calcium fluoride Calcium fluoride Calcium fluoride
Optic Diameter 50mm (1.97") 75mm (2.95") 95mm (3.74")
Viewing Aperture Diameter 45mm (1.77") 69mm (2.71") 89mm (3.50")
Viewing Aperture Area 1590mm² (2.46in²) 3739mm² (5.79in²) 6221mm² (9.64in²)
Optic Maximum Temperature 1355.6°C (2474°F) 1355.6°C (2474°F) 1355.6°C (2474°F)
Ratings and Testing      
UL Component Recognition Yes Yes Yes
UL50 / NEMA Environmental Rating Type 4/12 Type 4/12 Type 4/12
CSA Certification, Product Class 3211 07 Yes Yes Yes
Arc Flash Testing, IEC 62271-200 (KEMA) 5kV, 63kA for 30 cycles at 60Hz
IP Rating, IEC 60529 (TUV) IP67
Vibration Testing, IEC 60068-2-6 (TUV) 100m/s^2 vibration withstand
Humidity Testing IEC 60068-2-3 (TUV) Extreme humidity withstand
Mechanical Testing ANSI/IEEE C37.20 section A3.6 (TUV) Impact and load resistant cover
Maximum Pullout Strength 657kg (1450lbs) 1655kg (3650lbs) 1678kg (3700lbs)
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Manufacturer Part Code 19250-100

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