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Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera – Choice of Frame Rate

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The Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera is an infrared imager suitable for identifying electrical and mechanical faults. It has been optimised for ease-of-use ensuring that it can be used by technicians and electricians of various experiences. To this end, it includes a fixed focus for point-and-shoot operation.

Please note that the Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera is available in two models with different frame rates:

  • 5133402: Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera (9Hz)
  • 5133399: Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera (30Hz)

The Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera is able to capture thermal images with small temperature differences from a greater distance.  It can measure temperatures up to 400°C and has an IR resolution of 320 x 240px ensuring that IR images are clear and detailed.

Inclusion of Fluke’s IR-Fusion™ technology improves the ease, efficiency and precision with which faults can be identified. The Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera will capture both a visible and infrared image which may be blended, pixel for pixel, to varying degrees. In addition to blended images, it is also possible to view full infrared and full visible images via the 3.5” LCD screen.

As mentioned above, the Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera is simple to operate. The technician/ electrician can capture, review and save images using a single hand. It is possible to save pictures with additional information such as asset ID or room location using the Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imager’s IR PhotoNotes function.

Further to this, the Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera is compatible with Fluke’s Fluke Connect™ Software which can be used to perform image analysis, create reports and organise data. The Fluke Connect™ Software can be used to edit, optimise and blend thermal and visible images; save and organise images according to asset, severity and title; access images saved to the Fluke Cloud; create reports.

The Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera is an easy-to-use, reliable and precise infrared imager.

Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera Key Features

  • Infrared imager for identifying electrical and mechanical faults
  • Easy-to-use: can be used by technicians and electricians of various experiences
  • Fixed focus for point and shoot operation
  • Available in two models with different frame rates
  • 5133402: Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera (9Hz)
  • 5133399: Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera (30Hz)
  • Capture small temperature differences from a greater distance
  • Measure temperatures up to 400°C
  • IR resolution: 320 x 240px
  • IR-Fusion™ technology: blends thermal and visible images to varying degrees
  • Captures IR and visible images simultaneously
  • View blended, full IR and visible images
  • 3.5” LCD screen
  • Capture, review and save images using a single hand
  • IR PhotoNotes function: save images with notes
  • Compatible with Fluke Connect™ Software for analysing images, creating reports and organising data
  • Easy-to-use, reliable, precise infrared imager

What’s Included?

  • Your Choice of Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera
  • AC Power Supply (including Universal AC Adapters)
  • Two-Bay Smart Battery Charger
  • 2x Rugged Lithium-ion Batteries
  • USB Cable
  • 4 GB MicroSD Card
  • Rugged, Hard Carrying Case
  • Soft Transport Bag
  • Adjustable Hand Strap

Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Imaging Camera Technical Specifications 

Key Features
Infrared resolution 320 x 240 (76,800 pixels)
IFOV with standard lens (spatial resolution) 1.86 mRad, D:S 532:1
Field of view 34.1 °H x 25.6 °V
Minimum focus distance 46 cm (18 in)
Focus system Fixed
Wireless connectivity Yes, to PC, iPhone® and iPad® (iOS 4s and later), Android™ 4.3 and up, and WiFi and LAN
(where available)
Fluke™ Connect app compatible Yes*, connect your camera to your smartphone, and images taken automatically upload to the
Fluke Connect app for saving and sharing
Fluke Connect Assets optional software Yes*, assign images to assets and create work orders. Easily compare measurement types—
whether mechanical, electrical or infrared images—in one location
IR Fusion™ technology Yes
AutoBlend™ mode Yes
Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Yes
Ruggedized display 3.5 inch (8.9 cm landscape) 320 x 240 LCD
Ergonomic design Designed for one-handed use
Thermal sensitivity (NETD)** ≤ 0.045 °C at 30 °C target temp (45 mK)
Level and span Smooth auto and manual scaling
Fast auto-rescale in manual mode Yes
Minimum span (in manual mode) 2.5 °C (4.5 °F)
Minimum span (in auto mode) 5 °C (9.0 °F)
Built-in digital camera (visible light) 5MP
Frame rate < 9 Hz or 30 Hz
Laser pointer Yes
LED light (torch) No
Data Storage and Image Capture 
Extensive memory options Internal 4GB memory and 4GB micro SD card
Image capture, review, save mechanism One-handed image capture, review, and save capability
Image file formats Non-radiometric BMP or JPEG or fully-radiometric is2
Memory review Yes
Software Fluke Connect desktop software—full analysis and reporting software with access to the Fluke Connect system
Analyze and store radiometric data on a PC Yes
Export file formats with Fluke Connect
Voice annotation 60 seconds maximum recording time per image; reviewable playback on camera; Bluetooth
headset required (sold separately)
IR-PhotoNotes Yes—3 images
Text annotations No
Video recording and formats No
Remote control operations No
Auto capture (temperature and interval) Yes
Batteries (field-replaceable, rechargeable) Two lithium-ion smart battery pack with five-segment LED display to show charge level
Battery life 4 hours continuous use per battery pack
Battery charging time 2.5 hours to full charge
Battery charging system Two-bay battery charger or in-imager charging. Optional 12 V automotive charging adapter
AC operation AC operation with included power supply (100 V ac to 240 V ac, 50/60 Hz)
Power saving User-selectable
Temperature Measurement
Temperature range
(not calibrated below -10 °C)
-20 °C to 400 °C (-4 °F to 752 °F)
Accuracy ± 2 °C or 2 % (at 25 °C nominal, whichever is greater)
On-screen emissivity correction Yes (both value and table)
On-screen reflected background
temperature compensation
On-screen transmission correction No
Line temperature graph No
Colour Palettes 
Standard palettes 8: Ironbow, Blue-Red, High Contrast, Amber, Amber Inverted, Hot Metal, Grayscale, Grayscale
Ultra contrast palettes 8: Ironbow Ultra, Blue-Red Ultra, High Contrast Ultra, Amber Ultra, Hot Metal Ultra, Grayscale
Ultra, Grayscale Inverted Ultra
General Specifications 
Colour alarms High temperature, low temperature, isotherms (within range)
Infrared spectral band 7.5 μm to 14 μm
Operating temperature -10 °C to +50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
Storage temperature -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F) without batteries
Relative humidity 10 % to 95 %, non-condensing
Centre-point temperature measurement Yes
Spot temperature Hot and cold spot markers
User-definable spot markers 3
User-defined measurement boxes Expandable-contractible measurement box
Hard case Rugged hard carrying case with soft transport bag, including adjustable strap
Safety standards IEC 61010-1: Overvoltage category II, Pollution Degree 2
Electromagnetic combability IEC 61326-1: Basic EM environment. CISPR 11: Group 1, Class A
Australian RCM RCM IEC 61326-1
US FCC EN61326-1; FCC Part 5, EN 55011: Class A, EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3
Vibration 2G, IEC 68-2-6
Shock 25G, IEC 68-2-29
Drop Engineered to withstand 2 meter (6.5 feet) drop
Sized (H x W x L) 26.7 cm x 10.1 cm x 14.5 cm (10.5 in x 4.0 in x 5.7 in)
Weight (battery included) 0.72 kg (1.6 lb.)
Enclosure rating IP54 (protected against dust, limited ingress; protection against water spray from all directions)
Warranty Two-years (standard)
Recommended calibration cycle Two-years (assumes normal operation and normal aging)
Supported languages Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish,
Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish
RoHS complian Yes
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