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Gas Cylinder Lockout - Yellow with Warning Label

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Preventing access to gas canisters is often essential; this lockout ensures that the nozzle of the canister can't be accessed and is great for both safety and security in the workplace.

The lockout is simple to install; it has two interlocking plates which open up and surround the stem of the cylinder you're locking out. Just open these, slide around the top of the cylinder, lock the plates and secure the lockout with a padlock (sold separately).

The bottom of the lockout has a hole which accomodates a cylinder stem with diameter of up to 35m..

Each lockout is supplied as standard with a warning label which outlines that lockout is currently in place. Space for entering a name, department and expected lockout duration is also included on the label.

Gas Cylinder Lockout Key Features

  • Yellow colour for high visibility
  • Clips around the valve handle of a canister to prevent operation
  • Easy to install
  • Supplied with 2 labels
  • Interior size of 85mm (diameter) x 150mm (depth)
Part CodeES-CLO-Y
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