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Kern 572 Series Precision Counting/Checking Balance w/ Range Choice

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Please note that this balance comes in several different models. Use the table below to choose which version of the product you'd like, then select the model using the dropdown box above.

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Kern 572 Balance Description

The Kern 572 series is a range of all-rounder precise laboratory, counting or checking balances.

Ideal for use in the laboratory or other measurement applications, these highly precise balances include several advanced measurement functions including a dedicated recipe component weight measurement mode, RS232 interface for connection to PC/printers, vibration-free, high accuracy measurements and much more.

The balances are made from aluminium diecast housing, giving them the robustness needed to be used in industrial conditions.

Kern 572 Series Precision Counting/Checking Balances Key Features

  • Several variations available - come with different weighing ranges and weighing plates
  • Calibratable - use external weights (sold separately) to adjust the scales
  • RS232 interface for connecting to PC or printer (requires RS232 cable, sold separately. Also requires a Kern printer)
  • GLP protocol - keep records of weihging data with date, time and identification number (requires Kern printer)
  • PCS piece counting mode
  • Recipe mode - calculates the weight of a tare container and individual components
  • Percentage determination - calculates deviations from a target weight of 100%
  • Switchable measurement units
  • Vibration-free weighing - filters out vibrations to maintain a stable reading
  • Suspended weighing - load support with hook on the underside of the balance
  • Powered by mains (230V)
  • Large-size backlit LCD display with digit height of 18mm
  • Overall dimensions: 180 (W) x 310 (D) x 130mm (H)

Model Variations

The Kern 572 comes in several different styles. Depending on the model purchased, the weighing plate of the unit will be different/or the weighing range will be different.

The following weighing plates are available with this product.

  • A - Ring-shaped with diameter of 106mm
  • B - Ring-shaped with diameter of 150mm
  • C - Square-shaped with dimensions of 160 x 200mm

Please see the table below for which weighing plate is included with each model.

Model No.Weighing
Weighing Plate
572-30 240 0.001 0.001 ±0.003 A
572-31 300 0.001 0.002 ±0.005 A
572-32 420 0.001 0.002 ±0.005 A
572-33 1600 0.01 0.01 ±0.03 B
572-35 2400 0.01 0.01 ±0.03 B
572-37 3000 0.01 0.02 ±0.05 B
572-39 4200 0.01 0.02 ±0.05 B
572-45 12000 0.05 0.05 ±0.15 C
572-55 20000 0.05 0.1 ±0.15 C
572-43 10000 0.1 0.1 ±0.3 C
572-49 16000 0.1 0.1 ±0.3 C
572-57 24000 0.1 0.1 ±0.3 C
Part Code572-43
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