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Kern ALJ-AM Verifiable Analytical Balance w/ Internal Adjustment

Kern ALJ-AM Verifiable Analytical Balance w/ Internal Adjustment
MPN: ALJ 160-4AM

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  • Internal adjustment protocol adapts to temperature changes
  • Glass draught shield with 3 sliding doors
  • Compact, portable design

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Was: £1,050.00
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Kern ALJ-AM Verifiable Analytical Balance w/ Internal Adjustment Details

Note: there are two versions of this product available. Use the table below for reference and make a selection using the drop-down box above.

Model Model Name Weighing Range (Max)
Readout (d)

Verification Value (e)


Minimal Load (Min)


ALJ 160-4AM Kern ALJ 160-4AM Analytical Balance 160 0.1 1 10 0.2 ±0.3
ALJ 250-4AM Kern ALJ 250-4AM Analytical Balance 250 0.1 1 10 0.2 ±0.3

These compact analytical scales are designed for highly precise measurements of weight, with a built-in automatic internal adjustment function. This will automatically adapt to changes in temperature, ensuring that the accuracy of the scales is maintained at all times.

Kern's ALJ-AM Scales are best suited for measuring smaller objects up to a maximum weight of 250g (depending on the on the model purchased).

All models in the ALJ-AM series come as standard with a three-door glass draught shield, protecting the material being measured from outside factors.

The Kern ALJ-AM Verifiable Analytical Balances differ from their sister products, the Kern ALJ-A Single-Range Analytical Balances, in that they can be verified in accordance with EU permissible tolerances. An OPTIONAL Kern verification can be purchased with these balances, please contact our sales team for further information or to add this to an order. According to the EU directive 2014/31/EEC, all member states must calibrate/ verify scales that are to be used in the following capacities:

  • Medical applications
  • Production of pre-packaging
  • For any official purpose
  • The manufacture of pharmaceuticals in pharmacies
  • Analysis conducted in pharmaceutical and medical laboratories
  • When the pricing of a product is determined by weight (in commercial trade)

Kern ALJ-AM Analytical Balance Key Features

  • Automatic adjustments when temperature changes of more than 1.5°C are detected
  • Ergonomically designed keypad suitable for left and right-handed users
  • Comes with large glass draught shield with 3 sliding doors
  • Compact design - ideal for use in small spaces
  • Percentage determination - set a target value (100%) and calculate deviations from that value
  • Weighing with tolerance range - ideal for portioning division, dispending and grading
  • Backlit LCD display with a digit height of 17mm
  • Stainless steel circular weighing plate with dimensions of 80mm
  • RS232 interface for connection to Kern printers (sold separately)
  • Piece counting system
  • Recipe weighing function - separate memory for the weight of a tare container plus individual ingredients
  • Unit switching function
  • Vibration-free weighing - the Kern ALS automatically filters out vibrations to ensure a stable reading
  • Can be verified/ calibrated in accordance with the EU directive 2014/31/EEC, expanding the balances' scope-for-use

What’s Included?

  • Your Choice of Kern ALJ-AM Verifiable Analytical Balance
  • Protective Working Cover
  • Protective Dust Cover
  • Universal Mains Adapter


There are a number of Kern accessories compatible with the Kern ALJ-AM Analytical Balances, including Kern calibrations and verifications. For a quick overview of the accessories available for Kern ALJ-AM Analytical Balances, please see the table below. 

Product Code Product Name
965-201 Kern MI Verification
965-101 Kern DAkkS Calibration Certificate
KERN ALJ-A03 Kern Draft Shield Rear Panel with Integrated Ioniser
KERN YDB-03 Kern Set for Density Determination
KERN YPS-03 Kern Weighing Table 
YBI-01A Kern Ioniser
YKA-08 Kern Mains Adapter for Kern's YKN Printer 
YKN-01 Kern Matrix Needle Printer
YKB-A10 Kern Thermal Receipt Rolls for Kern's YKB-01N and YKS-01 Printers
YKB-01 Kern Thermal Printer
YKS-01 Kern Statistics Printer
YKI-01 Kern RS-232/ Ethernet Adapter 
YKI-02  Kern RS-232/ Bluetooth Adapter
YKI-03 Kern RS-232/ Wi-Fi Adapter
YKE-01 Kern Label Printer
YKE-A03 Kern Roll of Labels for Kern's YKE-01 Printer
YKE-A02 Kern Roll of Labels for Kern's YKE-01 Printer

Technical Specs

Part Code: ALJ 160-4AM

Kern ALJ-AM Verifiable Analytical Balance w/ Internal Adjustment Technical Specifications 

Casing material Plastic
Dimensions draft shield (W×D×H) 190 mm x 195 mm x 225 mm
Dimensions housing (W×D×H) 210 mm x 345 mm x 345 mm
Level indicator Yes
Material weighing plate stainless steel
Revolving screw feet Yes
Weighing space (W×D×H) 160 mm x 140 mm x 205 mm
Weighing surface (d) 80mm
DAkkS Certificate 963-101
Verification 965-201
Technical Data about Verification
Minimum load [Min] 10 mg
Periodic Verification for Italy 969-112
Verification approval conforming to 2014/31/EU Yes
Verification by KERN possible Yes
Verification class I
Verification value [e] 1 mg
Display digit height 17mm
Power Supply
Input voltage 110 V - 240 V AC
Mains adapter/adapter included CH EURO UK US
n/a Mains adapter external
Counting function Yes
Density determination function Yes
Peak function Yes
Percentage determination Yes
Standby function Yes
Vibration-free weighing (Animal weighing program) Yes
Weighing with a tolerance range Yes
Measuring System
Adjustment options Internal calibration (auto)
Minimum weight (USP) ALJ 160-4AM: 200mg
ALJ 250-4AM: 400 mg
Resolution ALJ 160-4AM: 1.600.000
ALJ 250-4AM: 2.500.000
Stabilisation time under laboratory conditions 4 s
Warm up time 8 h
Weighing system Force compensation
Weighing units ALJ 160-4AM: ct g
ALJ 250-4AM: g
Environmental Conditions 
Maximum humidity 80%
Maximum operating temperature 30 °C
Minimum ambient temperature 15 °C
Counting resolution ALJ 160-4AM: 160000
ALJ 250-4AM: 250000
Minimum piece weight at piece counting (Laboratory) 0.1 mg
Minimum piece weight at piece counting (Normal) 1 mg
Reference weight Yes

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