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10 x Lockout Tags - Do Not Operate, My Life is On The Line

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Pack of 10 high quality tags for use during lockout tagout procedures.

These tags should be applied to lockout points where they are clearly visible, preventing people from trying to reactivate machinery and equipment that is currently powered down.

Tha tags are double-sided - one side carries a general warning about removing the tag, while the other includes a warning message and space for placing a passport-sized photograph of the person who installed the lockout.


Side 1: 'Danger - this tag must not be removed at any time except the person whose name is written at the back. Necessary disciplinary action will be taken is these orders are disregarded. See other side'

Side 2: 'Danger - Do not operate. My life is on the line (space for photo).' Also includes fields for entering a name and a date.

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