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Megger CSU20A 230V Voltage and Current Source for SVERKER 750/780

Megger CSU20A 230V Voltage and Current Source for SVERKER 750/780
sku: BF-42390
MPN: BF-42390

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  • Compatible with SVERKER750 and 780 relay testers
  • Two independent current sources
  • Multifunctional AC/DC source

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Megger CSU20A 230V Voltage and Current Source for SVERKER 750/780 Details

Note: this is an optional accessory for Megger SVERKER750 and SVERKER780 relay testing units.

Use the CSU20A alongside a Megger SVERKER750 or SVERKER780 relay tester to generate two independent current sources, allowing you to use the SVERKER's timer/measurement section to measure two outputs, plus the trip time of a relay.

The CSU20A is also suitable for use as a multifunctional AC/DC voltage source. It has one AC current and voltage output, one fully rectified DC output and one half-wave rectified DC output for performing harmonic restraint testing.

Additional features of the Megger CSU20A include a current measurement shunt, selectable voltage and current ranges and AC mains input/output. When connected to the SVERKER's mains output, the CSU20A gives an in-phase synchronisation of the two units.

Megger CSU20A Current/Voltage Source Key Features

  • Works alongside Megger SVERKER 750 and 780 relay testers
  • Used for testing differential relays
  • Two independent current sources
  • Suitable for use as a AC/DC source
  • One current/voltage output (AC)
  • One fully rectified DC output
  • One half-wave rectified DC output
  • Current measurement shunt
  • Adjustable current and voltage ranges
  • AC mains input and output

What's Included?

  • Megger CSU20A Current and Voltage Source
  • Cables
  • Transport Case
Technical Specs

Part Code: BF-42390

Megger CSU20A Technical Specifications

Note: specifications are valid at nominal input voltage and an ambient temperature of +25°C (77°F). Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Output, AC
20A Setting Output Voltage (min) Load Time
Idle/Non-Load 26V Continuous
5A 25V Continuous
10A 22V Continuous
20A 18V 2 min
10A Setting Output Voltage (min) Load Time
Idle/Non-Load 52V Continuous
3A 50V Continuous
5A 47V Continuous
10A 41V 10 min
Output, DC
DC Current As above, less the voltage drop over the rectifying diodes
General Specifications
Operating Temperature -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F)
Mains Voltage 115/230V AC, 50/60Hz
Thermal Protection Built-In
Weight 5.9kg (13lbs) excluding transport case
Current Measurements Current shunt 0.1A / 1V, ±2%

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