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Megger DLRO10 10A Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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Use the Megger DLR010 to carry out evaluation of low resistance levels without the need to carry out complex testing.

Featuring a fully automatic test current mode, the DLRO10 makes life easier by automatically choosing an applicable testing current (up to 10A DC) and applies it to the conductor under test to generate an insulation resistance reading from 0.1μΩ to 2000Ω across seven separate ranges.

The design of the DLR010 allows it to be used either on a bench or out in the field. It is comfortable to hold in the hands or alternatively can be worn around the neck with a strap, giving easy access to all functionality when testing out in the field. An extremely large LED screen with backlight clearly shows the detected testing reading and can also be used to show an average value.

Multiple selectable testing modes are available on this low resistance tester: normal mode carries out a normal evaluation of four connections using forward and reverse currents, auto mode uses forward and reverse measurements and automatically adjusts test current, continuous mode allows repeated testing to take place over a time period and a specific inductive mode is included for use on inductive components (such as those found in motors and generators).

The following table outlines the specific functionality of the DLRO10 and the specific tests it can perform.

Resistance Ranges Full Scale Volts Test Current
 Full Scale   Resolution   Accuracy*   Resistive   Inductive   Resistive   Inductive
1.9999 mΩ 0.1 μΩ ±0.2% ±0.2μΩ 20 mV n/a 10 A n/a
19.999 mΩ 1 μΩ ±0.2% ±2 μΩ 20 mV 20 mV 1A 1A
199.99 mΩ 10 μΩ ±0.2% ±20 μΩ 20 mV 200 mV 100mA 1A
1.9999 Ω 100μΩ ±0.2% ±0.2 mΩ 20 mV 200 mV 10mA 100mA
19.999 Ω 1 mΩ ±0.2% ±2 mΩ 20 mV 200 mV 1mA 10mA
199.99 Ω 10 mΩ ±0.2% ±20 mΩ 20 mV 200 mV 100 μA 1mA
1999.9 Ω 100 mΩ ±0.2% ±0.2 Ω 200 mV 200 mV 100 μA 100 μA

This tester is ideally suited for a large number of different applications including carrying out insulation resistance measurements on switch and contact breakers, busbar and cable joints, aircraft frame bonds and static control circuits, integrity of welded joints, inter-cell connections on battery systems, quality control of components, transformers, motor winding, rail and pipe bonds, metal alloys, welds and fuses, graphite electrodes and various others.

The Megger DLRO10 also comes in two different variations:

  • DLRO10HD - a heavy duty device designed for use outdoors and in difficult environments
  • DLRO10X - an upgraded version of the standard DLRO10 which comes with the ability to store and download testing records

Megger DLRO10 10A Low Resistance Ohmmeter Key Features

  • Small, lightweight and portable for use wherever it is needed
  • Four terminal resistance method shows true resistance by filtering out test lead resistance
  • Multiple resistance ranges
  • Bright LED display
  • Automatically applies forward and reverse currents to cancel out the effects of standing voltages
  • Noise evaluation
  • Automatic continuity detection in P and C circuits
  • Battery condition indicator

Full List of Products Included

  • Megger DLRO10 10A Low Resistance Ohmmeter
  • 7 Ah NiMH Battery Module
  • DH4 Duplex Handspikes (2x), One with Indicator Lights (1.2m)
  • Battery Charger (115/230V 50/60Hz Supply)
  • Cigar Lighter Adapter for Battery Charging
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Book


There are a number of accessories available for the Megger DLRO10 10A Low Resistance Ohmmeter. For further information, please contact our sales team. 

Our SKU Megger's Part Code Product 
1006-444 1006-444 DH4-C Connect Duplex Handspike 1.5m (x2) Complete Duplex Lead Set 
MEGLOA11 1006-445 DH5-C Connect Duplex Handspike 3m (x2) Complete Duplex Lead Set 
1006-446 1006-446 DH6-C Connect Duplex Handspike 1.5m (x2) 600V Rated Complete Duplex Lead Set
1006-461 1006-461 KL2-C Insulated Kelvin Clip Lead 3m Connect (x2) Complete Duplex Lead Set 
1006-462 1006-462 KL1-C Kelvin Clip Lead 3m Connect (x2) Complete Duplex Lead Set 
1006-463 1006-463 DH4-C Connect Duplex HD CATIV 600V Complete Duplex Lead
1006-448 1006-448 CP1-C Concentric Probe-Connect (x1)
1006-449 1006-449 DPT1-C Duplex Twist Probe-Connect (x1) - Probe ONLY
1006-450 1006-450 DP1-C Duplex Probe-Connect (x1) -Probe ONLY
1006-451 1006-451 KC2-C Insulated Kelvin Clip-Connect (x1)
1006-447 1006-447 KC1-C Kelvin Clip-Connect (x1)
1006-452 1006-452 TL1.5-C Test Lead 1.5m Connect (x1)
1006-453 1006-453 TL1.5-C-C Lead 1.5m Connect (x1) +COVER
1006-456 1006-456 TL1.5-CL Test Lead 1.5m  Connect Lit (x1)
1006-457 1006-457 TL1.5-CL-C Lead 1.5m Connect Lit + Cover
1006-458 1006-458 TL3-CL Test Lead 3m  Connect Lit (x1)
1006-459 1006-459 TL6-CL Test Lead 6m Connect Lit (x1)
MEGLOA10 6111-503 DH4 1.2m Duplex Handspikes (x2), one with indicator lights
6111-517 6111-517 DH5 2.5m Duplex Handspikes (x2), one with indicator lights
MEGLOA12 6111-518 DH6 1.2m Duplex Handspikes (x2), one with indicator light, 600V rated. Needed for DLRO10 CATIII 600V rating
1006-460 1006-460 EL6-C Extension Lead Connect 6M (X1)
1001-249 1001-249 KC30 Kelvin Lead Kit (1x30m / 1x 5m)
1001-248 1001-248 KC60 Kelvin Lead Kit (1x60m / 1x 5m)
1000-809 1000-809 KC100 Kelvin lead kit (1x 100m / 1x 5m)
MEGLOA9 6380-138 Carry Case DLRO10/10X
1008-024 1008-024 Replacement tips for DH4, DH5 & DH6 handspikes - Standard Tip
MEGLOA14 1010-929 Replacement tips for DH4, DH5 & DH6 handspikes - Serrated Tip
MEGPTA14 25955-025 Serial PC Download Lead (AT-AT Link Cable Type B)
1001-653 1001-653 USB to RS232 Serial Port Adaptor
MEGLOA18 6121-492 Battery DLRO10/10X 7Ah
6280-333 6280-333 115V or 240V 50/60Hz Battery Charger - DLRO10, 10X, BITE3
MEGLOA20 1004-483 12V DC Car Battery Charger 2.5mm PIN
Accessories related to this product:
  1. Megger EL6-C Connect Extension Lead - 6m
    Megger EL6-C Connect Extension Lead - 6m
    Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
    £148.80 £124.00
  2. Megger TL1.5-C DLRO Series Connect Test Lead (No Terminations) - 1.5m
    £58.80 £49.00
  3. Megger 1006-445 2x 3m DH5-C Connect Duplex Handspikes
    £336.00 £280.00
  4. Megger 1006-453 TL1.5-C-C 1.5m Lead
    £111.60 £93.00
  5. Megger KC2-TL3-C Complete Lead Set for DLRO10 Series with 2 x Insulated Kelvin Clips
    £351.46 £292.88
  6. Megger KC2-C Large Touchproof Insulated Clip for Duplex Leads
    £134.40 £112.00
  7. megger replacement tip for dh456 handspikes serrated end
    £60.00 £50.00
  8. Megger 6380-138 Carry Case for the DLRO10/10X
    £86.40 £72.00
  9. Megger 6111-517 DH5 2.5m Duplex Handspikes
    £336.00 £280.00
  10. Megger 1001-249 KC30 Kelvin Lead Kit
    £1,056.00 £880.00
  11. Megger TL6-CL Duplex Connect Test Lead with Indicator Light (6m)
    £117.60 £98.00
  12. Megger KC1-C Heavy Duty Kelvin Clip for Megger Duplex Test Leads
    £70.80 £59.00
  13. Megger 6111-518 2x 1.2m 600V DH6 Duplex Handspikes - Top
    £396.00 £330.00
  14. Megger 1006-457 TL1.5-CL-C 1.5m Lead with Cover & Indicator Light
    £134.40 £112.00
  15. Megger DH4-CHDC Complete Duplex Lead Set for DLRO10HD with 300V CAT III Terminal Cover
    £672.00 £560.00
  16. Megger TL3-CL Kelvin Clip Lead Set for DLRO Series (3m, with Lights)
    £102.00 £85.00
  17. Megger Serial PC Download Lead
    £8.10 £6.75
  18. Megger 6280-333 DLRO Battery Charger
    £97.20 £81.00
  19. Megger 1006-446 DH6-C Connect Duplex Handspike & Lead Set
    £480.00 £400.00
  20. Megger KL2-C Complete Duplex Lead Set
    £300.00 £250.00
  21. Megger TL1.5-CL Duplex Lead - 1.5m with Indicator Light (No Terminations)
    £84.00 £70.00
  22. Megger 6121-492 7Ah NiMH Rechargeable Battery Module
    £462.00 £385.00
  23. Megger 1008-024 Sprung Probe Contact for DLRO10
    £34.80 £29.00
  24. Megger 1001-248 KC60 Wind Turbine Lightening Protection Lead Set - Front
    £999.00 £832.50
  25. Megger CP1-C Concentric Probe for Megger Connect Test Leads
    £115.20 £96.00
  26. Megger USB - RS232 Adaptor
    £58.14 £48.45
  27. Megger 6111-503 2x DH4 1.2m Duplex Handspikes
    £246.00 £205.00
  28. Megger DP1-C Duplex Probe-Connect Probe
    £96.00 £80.00
  29. Megger DH4-C Two Wire, Four Terminal Complete Duplex Probe Lead Set for DLRO10 Series
    £324.00 £270.00
  30. Megger DPT1-C Duplex Twist Probe
    £90.00 £75.00
  31. Megger 1004-183 12V DC Car Battery Charger
    £18.90 £15.75
  32. Megger 1008-025 Carry Strap
    £14.40 £12.00
  33. Megger 1000-809 KC100 Kelvin Lead Kit for DLRO
    £1,200.00 £1,000.00
Part Code1006-598

Megger DLRO10 Technical Specifications/Comparison Chart

The following table outlines the functionality of the Megger DLRO10 as well as the differences between the DLRO10 and the DLRO10X.

  DLRO 10 DLRO 10X
Mode  Manual, Auto, Continuous, Inductive  Manual, Auto, Continuous, Inductive, Undirectional
Control Fully Automatic
Fully Automatic/Manual
 <3s for forward & reverse current and to display average 
 Measurement  4 1/2 digit seven segment LED  
 Range and Safety
 LED indication Large backlit LCD
 Test Method
Single cycle reversing d.c. ratiometric measurement -average result display
 Test Current
 Accuracy  ±10% 
 Stability  <10 ppm per second 
 Maximum Lead Resistance
 100 mΩ total for 10 A operation irrespective of battery
 Voltmeter Input Impedance
 > 200 kΩ
Hum Rejection
Less than 1% ±20 digits additional error with 100 mV peak 50/60 Hz. on the potential leads. Warning will show if hum or noise exceeds this level. 
 Data Transfer
 - Real Time or from storage via RS232
 Storage  - 700 tests
 Memo Field
 - Up to 200 characters per test via integral alphanumeric keypad
 Battery Capacity
7 Ah NiMH rechargeable 
 Battery Life
 Typical 1000 x 10A Tests Before Recharge
 Recharge Via external 90 V - 260 V 50/60 Hz charger or from 12 to 15 V dc supply 
 Standard Charging Rate
2.5 hours to 90% capacity, 4 hrs for full charge 
 Temperature  +5 ºC to +45 ºC (41 ºF to 113 ºF) at full specification
-10 ºC to +50 ºC (14 ºF to 122 ºF) at reduced accuracy 
Storage Co-Efficient
 -30 ºC to +70 ºC (-22 ºF to 158 ºF) 
 Slow Charging
<0.01% per ºC over range 5 ºC to 40 ºC (<0.006% per ºF from 4 1ºF to 104 ºF) 
 Humidity (MAX)
 +10 ºC to +45 ºC (50 ºF to 113 ºF) 
 Altitude (MAX)
 90% RH @ 40 ºC (104 ºF) non-condensing 
 2000 m (6562 ft) to full safety specifications 
 EMC  In accordance with IEC61010-1 600 V Category III - only when DH6 leads are used.
In accordance with IEC61326-1 
 Dimensions  220 x 100 x 237 mm (8.6 x 4 x 9.5 in) 
 Weight  2.6 kg (5 3/4 lb.) including battery module 
* The accuracy stated assumes forward and reverse measurements.
Inductive mode or undirectional mode will introduce an undefined error if an external EMF is present.
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