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Megger FREJA 543 Relay Test System - 4 Voltage, 3 Current Channels

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Important Note on Ordering the Megger FREJA 543 - PLEASE READ

The Megger FREJA 543 is a fully configurable, made-to-order instrument which must be configured by you before ordering.

To do so, please follow this guide and create a part number which you should quote to the sales team (you must call to order this item).

Standard Part Number

The standard part number is listed below - you must fill in the blank parts at the end of the part number to configure your instrument.

F543-30P2C1_ _ _ _

First Blank Space - Choose Your Power Cord

Choose between:

  • A - North American Power Cord
  • I - International Power Cord
  • E - Continental Europe Power Cord
  • U - United Kingdom Power Cord

Second Blank Space - With/Without IEC61850

Choose between:

  • 0 - Without
  • 1 - With IEC 61850 GOOSE Enabled

Third Blank Space - Test Lead Options

Choose between:

  • 1 - With Leads
  • 0 - Without Leads

Fourth Blank Space - Hardware Options

  • S - Standard Unit
  • T - Transducer Test Capable

Example Order

If you were to select a North American Power Cord (A), with GOOSE (1), with Test Leads (1) and with Transducer (T), the part number would be:


Simply change the last few digits as appropriate to make your part number.

Any questions? Just call and we can help.

Megger FREJA 543 Relay Test System Description

Lightweight and portable, Megger's FREJA 543 is a powerful, multipurpose field relay test set.

Primarily made for the secondary testing of protection relays, the FREJA 543 can be used for virtually all relays including distance protection relays, over fluxing relays, synchronising or synchronism check relays, under voltage relays, loss of field relays, voltage and power directional relays, phase sequence voltage relays and many more.

There's no PC needed to operate the FREJA 543; this relay test set is fully standalone and includes a high resolution graphic touchscreen for easy configuration of all parameters, settings and testing procedures. Four voltage and 3 current channels are included as standard and the FREJA 543 has high current and high power output up to 60A/300VA rms per phase.

Testing is made easier with the FREJA 543 - this relay tester includes built-in test routines for automatic, quick testing. Tests (and associated results) can be saved directly to the FREJA's local memory and downloaded to a USB memory stick to transfer to PC and print testing reports.

Megger FREJA 543 Relay Test System Key Features

  • Multipurpose, lightweight and field portable relay test system
  • Manual control using touchscreen or remote control using computer software
  • Full colour, high definition TFT LCD touchscreen
  • Built-in test routines for automatic testing
  • Store tests and results in local memory, ready for download to memory stick
  • Three current generators and four voltage generators - a complete three-phase test system for commissioning of three phase protection systems
  • High current and high power output up to 60A/300VA rms per phase
  • Dynamic GPS Satellite Synchronised end-to-end testing capabilities
  • IEC 61580 testing capability
  • Auto ramp, pulse ramp and binary search features
  • Timing test features with built-in tests for different relays
  • Test report MiCOM P123 IEC Inverse Timing tests
  • State sequence timing test feature
  • Selection of relay operating characteristics - MHO, half MHO or QUAD

Please see the attached datasheet for a comprehensive breakdown of the FREJA 543.

What's Included?

  • Megger FREJA 543 Relay Test Unit
  • Your Choice of Power Cord
  • Ethernet Cable (7ft)
  • Instruction Manual (Digital Copy)
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