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Megger TORKEL 910 Battery Load Unit Tester

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Please note that there are two versions of the Megger TORKEL 910 available. Choose between:

  • CS-19190: Megger TORKEL 910 with Standard Transport Case (Size 670 x 400 x 510mm)
  • CS-19191: Megger TORKEL 910 with Large Transport Case (Size x 795 x 400 x 510mm) with Space for Megger GA-00550 Cable Set

About the Megger TORKEL 910 Battery Load Tester

Made for use in high voltage substations and industrial environments, Megger's TORKEL 910 is a comprehensive testing system used to perform load and discharge testing on battery systems.

The TORKEL 910 is considered the entry-level unit in Megger's TORKEL series; it has maximum current of 110A and maximum voltage of 300V. This model does not come with the BVM voltage monitoring, charging measurements and full reporting functionality which is found on the TORKEL 930 and 950.

Testing with the TORKEL 910 is performed directly on batteries without disconnection from the system the battery powers. Using a DC clamp-on probe, the TORKEL measures the total battery current while regulating it at a constant level. Battery systems can be plus or minus grounded, or free floating.

Using Megger's dynamic discharge technology, the TORKEL 910 delivers constant, reliable power at all voltages. The system is also completely made with safety in mind, with an emergency stop button, spark-free connections and intelligent fan system which detects blocked air flow.

The TORKEL 910 battery load tester includes a simple and responsive touch screen for adjusting settings and capturing findings.

Expand Your Capabilities with Extra Load Units

Megger's TORKEL 910's capabilities can be expanded further for use with larger battery banks by using optional TXL extra load units.

There are four loads available - the TXL830, TXL850, TXL870 and TXL890. Please see Megger's datasheet (available as a download further below) for a comprehensive breakdown of the capabilities of each of the battery load units.

Megger TORKEL 910 Battery Load Tester Key Features

  • Perform load and discharge testing on battery systems to determine actual capacity
  • Allows batteries to be tested while still in service
  • Dynamic discharge technology gives full power at all voltages
  • Maximum current of 110A
  • Maximum voltage of 300V
  • Built-in touchscreen for easy operation
  • Safety built-in with emergency stop button, spark-free contacts and blocked airflow detection
  • Real-time monitoring of battery status during the testing procedure

What's Included?

  • Megger TORKEL 910 Battery Load Tester
  • Mains Cable
  • Cable Set (2 x 3m, 25mm²)
  • Soft Case for Cables

If ordering the CS-19191 version, the soft case is replaced with:

  • Large Transport Case

Optional Accessories

These extra accessories can be ordered by calling our sales team quoting the part numbers shown.

Extra Loads
Part Number Description
BS-59093 TXL830 Extra Load including cable set GA-09550, Control Cables 2 x 2m and Transport Case
BS-59095 TXL850 Extra Load including cable set GA-09550, Control Cables 2 x 2m and Transport Case
BS-59095 TXL870 Extra Load including cable set GA-00550, Control cables 2 x 2m and Transport Case
BS-59099 TXL890 Extra Load including cable set GA-00550, Control cables 2 x 2m and Transport Case
Other Items
Part Number Description
GA-00550 Cable set, 2 x 3m, 25mm², female/clamp. 110A, 3.0kg
GA-00552 Extension cable for GA-00550 cable set, 2 x 3m, 25mm², male/female
GA-09550 High rating cable set, 2 x 3m, 70mm², female/fork. 270A, 5.0kg
GA-09552 High rating extension cable for GA-09550 cable set, 2 x 3m, 70mm², male/female
GA-00210 Sensing lead set for measuring voltage at battery terminals. 2 x 5m (16.4ft)
XA-12992 DC clamp-on probe, 200A
XA-12990 DC clamp-on probe, 1000A
CJ-59092 System of 16 BVM voltage monitoring units
CJ-59093 System 31 BVM voltage monitoring units
CJ-590906 System of 61 BVM monitoring units
CJ-59198 BVM special 600V
CJ-59090 BVM single unit
Part CodeCS-19190

Megger TORKEL 900 Series Technical Specifications

Application Field Intended for use in high voltage substations and industrial environments
Temperature Operating: 0 to +50°C (32 to +122°F), power derating at temperatures over +35°C
Storage: -40 to +70°C (-40 to +158°F)
Humidity 5 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Shock/Vibration/Fall Instrument only: ETSI EN 300 019-2-7 class 7M2
Instrument in transport case: ITSA 2A
Altitude Operating: 3000m
Storage: 10,000m
Encapulsation class: IP20
CE Marking LVD: IEC61010-1: 2010 and IEC 61010-2-030
EMC: IEC61326-1
General Specifications
Mains Voltage 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 200W max
Power Interruption 40ms max
Protection Thermal cutouts, automatic overload protection, emergency stop button
Dimensions 519 x 315 x 375mm (20.5 x 12.5 x 14.7")
Weight 19.5kg (43.0lbs) instrument
31.9kg (70.3lbs) including transport case
37kg (82lbs) including large transport case
Display 7" LCD, capacitive touch screen
Available Languages English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish
Measuement Specifications
Display Range 0.0 to 2999.0A
Basic Inaccuracy ±(0.5% of reading +0.1A)
Resolution 0.1A
Input for Clamp-On Probe
Range 0 to 1000mV DC
mV/A ratio 0.30mV/A to 100.00mV/A
Input Impedance >1MΩ
Range 0 to 500V DC
Inaccuracy ±(0.5% of reading + 0.1V DC)
Resolution 0.1V
Sample Rate 10Hz, values are saved when change is >10mV
Time Measurement
Inaccuracy ±0.1% of reading ±1 digit
Load Section
Battery Voltage 7.5 to 300V/500V
Power 15kW max
Load Patterns Constant current, constant power, constant resistance, current or power profile
Constant I
TORKEL 910 0 to 110.0A
TORKEL 930/950 0 to 220.0A
Inaccuracy ±(0.5% + 0.2A)
Resolution 0.1A
Ripple Max 0.5A peak
Constant R
Range 300mΩ to 3kΩ
Inaccuracy ±1% typical
Resolution 100mΩ
Constant P
Range 0 to 15kW
Inaccuracy ±1% typical
Resolution 10W
Plus 7.5 to 300V, 7.5 to 500V
Minus 0V
I EXT ≤ 1V 1V DC, 300V DC to ground
Voltage Sense Impedance to the current terminals is more than 1MΩ
Alarm Relay Contact 28V DC, 8A, 240V AC, 8A
Devices higher than CAT II must not be attached
TXL STOP Relay Contact 250V DC, 0.28A. 28V DC, 8A, 250V AC, 8A
9V DC 9V DC, ±7% max 100mA
Communication Ports
BVM1, BVM2 USB connection for BVM units
USB port USB connection for USB memory
Service For service of the instrument
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