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Metrohm LLT-13.8kV High Voltage Live Line Tester - Full Kit

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This kit contains a selection of items that are designed for comprehensive testing of high voltage systems up to 13.8kV.

An upgraded version of the basic kit of this device, this full kit contains everything the user needs to carry out HV testing on overhead lines, switchgear and other applications. The main difference between this kit and the basic kit is the inclusion of a phasing rod, two extension rods for reaching more difficult applications and overhead line/bent-end adaptors for attachment to switchgear and overhead HV lines. All the equipment is also supplied in a large, heavy-duty carry case (the basic kit only ships with a soft carrying case).

The main testing rods allow the user to easily evaluate the current level of voltage passing through a HV system. Once attached the reading taken is shown directly on an analogue meter that is integrated into the testing rod and this can be rotated to make viewing results simple even when working at an angle. An earthing lead is also attached to the testing rod to enable current to flow directly to earth.

Both the phasing rods and the testing rods can be extended by using the extension rods included as part of this kit. This makes it much easier to reach difficult HV installations and the included adaptors also make it much easier to connect directly to the application under test.

The rods are made of high quality fibreglass/polycarbonate and are fully suitable for use indoors, outdoors and even in wet conditions.

Metrohm LLT-13.8kV High Voltage Live Line Tester Key Features

  • Suitable for use with HV systems up to 13.8kV
  • Overhead line, switchgear and substation testing
  • Includes voltage testing rods and phasing rods
  • 50/60Hz operation
  • Suitable for use indoors, outdoors and in wet conditions
  • Ships with extension rods for extending height of standard rods
  • Adaptors also included for easier attachment to HV systems
  • IEC1243 compliant
  • Proving unit included to verify testing accuracy
  • Rotatable analogue meter attached to rod

Full List of Products Included

  • Metrohm LLT-13.8kV High Voltage Live Line Tester and Earth Lead
  • Phasing Rod with Phasing Lead
  • Proving Unit
  • 2 x Extension Rods
  • 2 x Bent End Adaptors
  • 2 x Overhead Line Adaptors
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Heavy Duty Carry Case
Multibuy - Save off accessories when bought with main product:
  1. Metrohm DFH5026 33kv Extension Rod
    £324.00 £270.00
  2. Metrohm DDM5003 Cleaning Kit
    £30.00 £25.00
  3. Metrohm DFH5028 Bent End Adaptor
    £180.00 £150.00
  4. Metrohm LLT-F0R02A/2 33kv Repeater Station
    £435.00 £522.00 normally
    £43.50 £52.20 saving
  5. Metrohm DFK5000 O/head Line Adaptor
    £60.00 £50.00
  6. Metrohm LLT-F0P01B/2 Proving Unit
    £654.00 £545.00
  7. Metrohm DFK0112 Bowthorpe Rod Adaptor
    £235.00 £282.00 normally
    £23.50 £28.20 saving
Part CodeLLT-13.8KVKIT

Metrohm LLT-11kV Technical Specifications

Resistor Chain 100MΩ
Measuring Range 20kV
Accuracy ±5% FSD
Length 1025mm
Weight 1.4kg
Phasing Rod  
Length 1025mm
Weight 1.4kg
Extension Rod  
Length 907mm
Weight 0.65kg
Proving Unit Voltage output 3 to 5kV
Dimensions  185 x 145 x 120mm
Repeater Station Used in conjunction with the tester/Ph rod
 Dimensions  185 x 145 x 120mm
Bent End Adaptor
Length 675mm
Weight  0.27kg
Overhead Line Adaptors
Height 100mm
Weight  0.08kg
Bowthorpe Rod Adaptor  
Length 360mm
Weight  0.62kg
Connection Cable
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