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Metrohm LLT-6.6kV High Voltage Live Line Tester - Full Kit

Metrohm LLT-6.6kV High Voltage Live Line Tester - Full Kit
sku: LLT-6.6KVKIT

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  • Live line tester and phasing rods included
  • Also comes with extension rods and adaptors
  • Proving unit also supplied

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Metrohm LLT-6.6kV High Voltage Live Line Tester - Full Kit Details

This kit contains a selection of items designed for use on high voltage installations up to 6.6kV.

The main testers included as part of this pack are a Metrohm live line tester and a phasing rod. Both items are long length rods designed for easy attachment to HV applications such as overhead lines, switchgear and substations and when attached to the application the devices will provide measurements of phase or the level of voltage running through the system.

This kit also ships as standard with two extension rods, allowing the overall length of each testing rod to be further extended. Also supplied are adaptors designed to equip to the rods, giving users the ability to attach to overhead lines and to switchgear by using a bent-end adaptor.

A proving unit is also included as part of the bundle, allowing both rods to be verified for accuracy before and after testing procedures take place.

This product is IEC1243 part 2 compliant.

Metrohm LLT-6.6kV High Voltage Live Line Tester Key Features

  • Works with high voltage equipment up to 6.6kV
  • Evaluate the level of voltage through live lines
  • Phasing rod also included
  • Earth cable attached to main live line tester
  • Analogue rotatable meter attached to rod body
  • Proving unit allows verification of testing accuracy
  • 50/60Hz operation

Full List of Products Included

  • Metrohm LLT-6.6kV High Voltage Live Line Tester with Earth Lead
  • Phasing Rod with Phasing Lead
  • Proving Unit
  • 2 x Extension Rods
  • 2 x Bent End Adaptors
  • 2 x Overhead Line Adaptors
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Heavy Duty Carry Case
Technical Specs

Part Code: LLT-6.6KVKIT

Metrohm LLT-6.6kV Technical Specifications



Resistor Chain 52.5MΩ
Measuring Range 10kV
Accuracy ±5% FSD
Length 1200mm
Weight 2.3kg
Phasing Rod  
Length 1200mm
Weight 1.6kg
Extension Rod  
Length 907mm
Weight 0.65kg
Proving Unit Voltage output 3 to 5kV
Dimensions  185 x 145 x 120mm
Repeater Station Used in conjunction with the tester/Ph rod
 Dimensions  185 x 145 x 120mm
Bent End Adaptor
Length 675mm
Weight  0.27kg
Overhead Line Adaptors
Height 100mm
Weight  0.08kg
Bowthorpe Rod Adaptor  
Length 360mm
Weight  0.62kg
Connection Cable

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