Hand Grip Dynamometers

A dyanometer measures the strength of a patient's hands by calculating how much pressure is applied to the instrument. These medical instruments are available for several patient groups, including infants, adults and specific needs such as bodybuilders. Read More about Hand Grip Dynamometers
  1. Kern MAP Hand Grip Dynamometer w/ Choice of Model
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    Kern MAP Hand Grip Dynamometer w/ Choice of Model
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    • Three versions available
    • Measures hand strength
    • Four measurement modes
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About Hand Grip Dynamometers

A hand dynamometer is an evaluation tool used to measure isometric grip force (hand grip strength). Some versions use hydraulics to measure the force while others use electronic load cells. Once the grip position is adjusted, the user holds the handle and squeezes.

A variety of medical professionals use hand dynamometers. If you are a certified hand therapist, occupational therapist or physical therapist focused on tracking patient progress this tool is an easy way to measure strength improvements in therapy.

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