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Seaward 462A910 SwitchSmart 8 Channel Switching Matrix for HAL104

Seaward 462A910 SwitchSmart 8 Channel Switching Matrix for HAL104
sku: 462A910

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  • Combine with the Clare HAL 104 to test multiple products simultaneously
  • 8 channel switching matrix
  • Fully programmable design on each channel

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Seaward 462A910 SwitchSmart 8 Channel Switching Matrix for HAL104 Details

Note: this is an optional accessory for use with the Seaward Clare HAL104. You will need one of those testers in order to use the SwitchSmart.

Use the SwitchSmart to perform automatic electrical safety testing between multiple test points, or for performing testing on multiple products simultaneously when testing with the Seaward Clare HAL 104.

The SwitchSmart is an eight channel switching matrix; with this, you can apply high voltage or high current to multiple test points or products, with the ability to perform earth/ground bonding, high voltage hipot/flash or power leakage tests all available.

This switching matrix can be used to perform up to 256 sequential tests on a single product, or for performing full electrical testing on up to four products at the same time. Each switch port is fully programmable using the HAL 104, ensuring you can cater for every application you encounter.

Seaward Clare SwitchSmart Switching Matrix Key Features

  • 8 channel switching matrix for the Clare HAL 104 automated electrical safety tester
  • Used to test multiple products at the same time, or for performing multiple tests on the same product
  • Helps to improve safety, efficiency and productivity
  • Improves operator safety from electric shock
  • 16 switching ports, providing 8 channels
  • Perform up to 256 sequential tests on a single product
  • Test up four different electrical products simultaneously
  • High voltage and high current capability
  • Easy to LED display clearly shows which channels are being used
  • Up to 5kV AC or 6kV DC flash testing
  • Up to 40A earth bond testing
  • Full powered leakage capability

What's Included?

  • Seaward Clare SwitchSmart Matrix
  • SwitchSmart Output Test Lead (3 Phase) Assembly
  • HAL to SwitchSmart Control Interconnect Assembly
  • HAL to SwitchSmart Output Interconnect Assembly
  • Instruction Manual
Technical Specs

Seaward SwitchSmart Technical Specifications

Test Terminal Voltage Range: 0 to 5000V AC, 50/60Hz
Duration: unlimited space
Test Terminal Load Current Range: 0 to 16A per connection
Duration: unlimited
Power Supply Requirements Input Supply: 110V to 230V, 50/60Hz
3A maximum
Rear Panel 2 x 3.15A (HRC) 1 1/4 inch fuses are mounted on the rear panel and are designed to protect against any internal fault in the control circuit.
A 12 way panel plug provides the interface to input signals and the 12V supply from the HAL 104 control port.
2 x 16 way plugs provide interconnections from the HAL 104 for all test voltages. The input/output connections are arranged in pairs and any pair can be enabled independently in any combination at any time.
Case Dimensions 370 x 300 x 204mm (W x H x D)

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