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Seaward Solar Survey 100 Irradiance Meter

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The Seaward Solar Survey 100 is a high quality irradiance meter designed specifically for solar surveys and solar site assessments. It includes a tilt meter, digital compass and dual channel temperature measurement for ambient and PV panel temperature, making it effectively a “5 in 1” meter, eliminating the need to carry 4 other pieces of equipment around during surveys.

The Solar Survey 100 uses a photovoltaic reference cell over the conventional photo-diode, to generate more accurate solar irradiance readings in either Wm² or BTU/h/ft². The built-in digital compass, digital inclinometer and dual channel thermometer mean that surveyors can measure roof pitch and orientation, ambient temperature and PV module temperature, in order to gain all necessary information on potential solar sites.

The Seaward Solar 100 Irradiance Meter can be used on both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal installations, so the most suitable location and optimum angle of inclination can be determined, so that maximum efficiency can be achieved from solar energy.

This model features an automatic power-off after 2 minutes, to conserve battery life. It is powered simply by 2 x AA batteries, and the full battery life can last up to 20,000 readings. The Solar Survey 100 measures solar irradiance in compliance with IEC 62446, and is supplied with a durable carry case as standard.

Seaward Solar Survey 100 Irradiance Meter Key Features

  • Measures irradiance in compliance with IEC 62446
  • Built-in compass and inclinometer for measurements of roof orientation and pitch
  • Dual channel temperature measurements
  • Suitable for use on photovoltaic and solar thermal installations
  • Rugged, robust and handheld

Full List of Products Included

  • Seaward Solar Survey 100 Irradiance Meter
  • Calibration Certificate
Part Code396A910

Seaward Solar Survey 100 Technical Specifications

Display Range 0 – 1500 W/m-² or 0 – 500 BTU/hr-ft²
Measurement Range 100 – 1250 W/m-² or 30 – 400 BTU/hr-ft²
Resolution 1 BTU/hr-ft² / 1W/m-²
Display Range -30°C to +125°C
Measurement Ranges -30°C to +125°C
Compass Bearing  
Display Range 0° to 360°
Measurement Ranges 0° to 360°
Display Range 0° to 90°
Measurement Ranges 0° to 90°
General Specifications  
Display Custom LCD
Power Supply 2AA Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life >20,000 Readings
Auto Power Down After 2 Minutes
Warranty 2 Years
Calibration 1 Year


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