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Sonel MMR-650 Micro-Ohmmeter

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Sonel's MMR-650 is a self-contained, portable solution for measuring very low resistances on both resistive and inductive objects such as welded and soldered connections, equipotential bondings, earthing conductors, contacts, bolted connections, windings of motors and power transformers and other objects which fall under this classification.

This low resistance ohmmeter can be used by many different users, including those from power plants, railway and maintenance companies. Thanks to its portable, lightweight design, the MMR-650 is excellent for taking on-site and can be easily carried in the hands or placed down on a surface when measuring.

The MMR-650 performs precision 4-wire measurements of resistance up to 1999.9Ω with tst current of up to 10A. It is designed for measuring extremely low resistances, with the lowest range being from 0 to 999.9μΩ with 0.1μΩ resolution. To ensure accuracy, the Sonel MMR-650 ohmmeter also calculates the temperature of the item under load and can factor these values into measurements (automatic temperature compensation).

Configuring measurements and settings is simple with the MMR-650 - this ohmmeter includes a built-in touchscreen with inuitive user interface for quick access to the functions you need. It can connect to an optional printer for in-the-field result printing and also includes USB and WiFi connection options for interfacing with a PC to view back results (software included as standard with the meter).

As they are made for on-site use, Sonel MMR-650 units come built-inside their own robust, shock-resistant casing with IP54 rating with the lid open and IP67 waterproofing with the lid closed. The meter can be powered either by built-in rechargeable batteries or alternatively by using a mains adapter.

Sonel MMR-650 Micro-Ohmmeter Key Features

  • Precision meter for measuring low resistance levels on a wide variety of resistive and inductive objects
  • Automatic temperature compensation using a temperature probe
  • Determine engine under load temperatures
  • Demagnetisation of transformer core functions
  • High noise immunity
  • 4-wire resistance measurements from as low as 999.μΩ to 1999.9Ω
  • Up to 10A test current
  • Measurement voltage up to 10V
  • Limit and signalling setup
  • Can be powered by rechargeable batteries or mains connection
  • IP54 rated with open case, IP67 rated with closed case
  • Robust, shock-resistant design built inside its own carrying case
  • Optional printer available and 2D barcode reader
  • Touchscreen with inutitive user interface
  • USB and WiFI connections
  • CAT III 600V and CAT IV 300V rated
  • Protection against external voltage of up to 600V DC

What's Included?

  • Sonel MMR-650 Micro Ohmmeter
  • 2 x Two-Wire 3m Test Leads
  • 2 x Kelvin Clamps
  • 2 x Double Pin Probes
  • Power Cord
  • Carrying Case
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Sonel Reader PC Software
Part CodeMMR-650

Sonel MR-650 Technical Specifications

RangeResolutionMeasurement CurrentAccuracy
0 to 999.9μΩ 0,1μΩ 10A (20mV) ±(0.25% + 2 digits)
1.0000 to 1.9999mΩ 0.0001mΩ
2.000 to 19.999mΩ 0.001mΩ 10A (200mV)
20.00 to 199.9mΩ 0.01mΩ 10A/1A (2V/200mV)
200.0 to 999.9mΩ 0.1mΩ 1A / 0.1A (2V / 200mV)
1.0000 to 1.9999Ω 0.0001Ω
2.000 to 19.999Ω 0.001Ω 0.1A (2V)
20.00 to 199.99Ω 0.01Ω 10mA (2V)
200.0 to 1999.9Ω 0.1Ω 1mA (2V)
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