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T&R 100ADM-F Current Filter Unit

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This product is designed for use with T & R Secondary Injection Test Sets.

Reduce the level of current harmonics when testing electro-mechanical protection relays with this filtering unit!

Without the filtering capabilities of this unit, distortion of test current can take place when it’s under high overload, leading to incorrect results and possibly incorrect, unsafe installation of relays and other protective equipment. The 100ADM-F forces test current to a sinusoid, stopping this issue.

This product features 0.25A to 100A ranges, high overload capabilities, 50/60Hz operating frequency and is supplied as standard in an insulated case with protective cover and carrying strap.

T & R 100ADM-F Current Filter Unit Key Features

  • Compact, portable design
  • Suitable for T & R secondary injection test sets
  • Forces test current into a sinusoid
  • Significantly improves timing accuracy when testing electromechanical relays
  • Wide range of test currents – 9 ranges from 0.25A to 100A
  • 50/60Hz operating frequency
  • Current monitoring output

What’s Included?

  • T & R 100 ADM-F Current Unit
  • Current Monitor Plug + Lead

Optional Accessories

Please see the datasheet for more information on this product and call us for any orders.

  • 100AL Lead Set
Part Code006

T & R 10ADM-F Technical Specifications

Current Ranges and Ratings
Range Continuous Rating 5 Min On/15 Min Off
0.25A 0.125A 0.25A
0.5A 0.25A 0.5A
1A 0.5A 1A
2.5A 1.25A 2.5A
5A 2.5A 5A
10A 5A 10A
25A 12.5A 25A
50A 25A 50A
100A 5A 100A
Range 50/60Hz selectable
Range Selection 
Low Range Selected by switch (0.25 to 50A)
Highest Current Range Selected by terminal (100A)
Current Monitor 
Monitoring Output 0-100mA corresponding to rated current
Filter Unit Impedance
Range Impedance
50Hz 150Hz 250Hz 350Hz
0.25A 880Ω 17.5kΩ 30.4kΩ 41.5kΩ
0.5A 220Ω 4.38kΩ 7.65kΩ 10.3kΩ
1A 47.7Ω 950Ω 1.65kΩ 2.25kΩ
2.5A 7.8Ω 150Ω 250Ω 360Ω
5A 1.94Ω 38Ω 65Ω 90Ω
10A 510mΩ 9.5Ω 16.5Ω 22.5Ω
25A 85mΩ 1.5Ω 2.5Ω 3.6Ω
50A 22mΩ 380mΩ 650mΩ 900mΩ
100A 5.5mΩ 95mΩ 165mΩ 225mΩ
Other Specs
Storage Temperature -20 to 60°C
Operating Temperature 0 to 45°C
Dimensions 340 x 230 x 330mm
Weight 15,6kg
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