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T&R KV High Voltage Single Unit AC Test Trolley - Choice of Model

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This HV test set can generate voltage levels of up to 15kV (depending on model purchased) and is a fully comprehensive, portable unit designed for easy transportation from test to test.

The system is encased in rugged steel and aluminium and features a cover to protect the control panel when not use. Its also mounted on 200mm with solid rubber tyres to deal with even the most demanding of environments.

By using the control unit integrated into the trolley, users can easily configure voltage and current limits. The trolley comes with a 5m long screen high voltage cable terminated in a large clip for output, plus a 5m long silicone-covered earth lead to make earth connection to test objects.

T & R KV High Voltage Single Unit AC Test Trolley Key Features

  • Selection of models - choose your voltage range (up to 15kV)
  • Accurate digital metering with dual digital displays
  • Key operated supply switch prevents unauthorised use
  • Dual overload protection
  • Variable electronic trip from 10 to 110% of rated output
  • Voltage and current monitoring
  • External 24V interlock and zero volt interlocking
  • Two emergency stop switches

What's Included?

  • Testing Unit
  • 1 x 5m Earth Lead Terminated in Croc Clip
  • 1 x 5m Earth Lead for Connection to Local Earth (M10 Ring Crimp)
  • 1 x ES30 Earth Stick
  • Spare Fuse Set
  • Operating Manual
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T & R HV Trolley Technical Specifications

Unit Output Voltage Continuous Rating 5 Min On/15 Minutes Off
KV3-7000 0-3kV 3.5A 7.0A
KV5-4000 0-5kV 2.0A 4.0A
KV8-2500 0-8kV 1.25A 2.5A
KV10-2000 0-10kV 1.0A 2.0A
KV12-1600 0-12kV 0.8A 1.6A
KV15-1200 0-15kV 0.6A 1.2A
Unit kV Meter Full Scale kV Meter Resolution kV Meter Accuracy
KV3-7000 3.000kV 1V 0.8% ± 6d
KV5-4000 5.000kV 1V 0.8% ± 6d
KV8-2500 8.000kV 1V 0.8% ± 6d
KV10-2000 10.00kV 0.01kV 0.8% ± 6d
KV12-1600 12.00kV 0.01kV 0.8% ± 6d
KV15-1200 15.00kV 0.01kV 0.8% ± 6d
Unit mA Meter Full Scale mA Meter Resolution mA Meter Accuracy
KV3-7000 7.000A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
KV5-4000 4.000A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
KV8-2500 2.500A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
KV10-2000 2.000A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
KV12-1600 1.600A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
KV15-1200 1.200A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
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