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T&R NLU5000 Loading Unit - 5000A

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This product is an optional loading unit for use with the T & R PCU1-SP current injector. It can output current of up to 5000A.

Rated to 11.5kVA, the unit includes three output taps and gives the user full control over output.

Alternative versions of this product with range of up to 200A or 2000A are also available.

Part Code206

T & R NLU Loading Units Technical Specifications

Supply Requirements
Loading Unit Open Circuit Voltage  Load Current Max Time For Load Current Supply Current
NLU5000 2.3V 3000A 5 minutes 30A
5000A 40 seconds 50A
4.6V 1500A 5 minutes 30A
2500A 40 seconds 50A
9.2V 750A 5 minutes 30A
1250A 50 seconds 50A
NLU2000 3.5V 1200A 5 minutes 18A
2000A 40 seconds 30A
6.9V 600A 5 minutes 18A
1000A 40 seconds 30A
13.8V 300A 5 minutes 18A
500A 40 seconds 30A
NLU200 60V 80A 5 minutes 21A
200A 40 seconds 50A
120V 40A 5 minutes 21A
100A 40 seconds 50A
Loading Unit Outputs
Loading Unit Open Circuit Voltage Continous Current Intermittent Current
5 Min On/15 Min Off 1 Min On/15 Min Off 40s On/15 Min Off
NLU5000 2.3V 1500A 3000A 4500A 5000A
4.6V 750A 1500A 2250A 2500A
9.2V 375A 750A 1125A 1250A
NLU2000 3.5V 600A 1200A 1800A 2000A
6.9V 300A 600A 900A 1000A
13.8V 150A 300A 450A 500A
NLU200 60V 40A 80A 160A 200A
120V 20A 40A 80A 100A
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