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T&R PT18-10 mk2 High Voltage DC Cable Test System - 18kV

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Test cable and jointing system installations with this HV DC cable testing system.

Capable of outputting voltage up to 18kV DC and with 10mA output capability, the T and R PT18-10 simultaneously measures and displays both parameters on multiple analogue displays on the unit. Output voltage is completely configurable, allowing the user to change the instrument's range as needed to cater for a wide variety of different applications.

For protection, the PT18-10 can only be operated by a key-operated supply switch, ensuring unauthorised use doesn't take place. It also comes with a zero-volt interlock function which prevents operation unless the output control is at zero and an automatic load discharging system will discharge the cable under test either when the output is switched off or breakdown occurs.

An alternative version of this product with range of up to 30kV is also available.

T & R PT18-10 mk2 High Voltage DC Cable Test System Key Features

  • ±18kV DC output voltage
  • 10mA output capability
  • Simultaneous metering and display of voltage and current
  • Automatic earth system for dumping capacitive loads
  • HV output plug and socket system
  • Key operated supply switch prevents unauthorised use
  • Zero-volt interlock prevents operation unless output control is set to zero
  • Visual indication of test piece failure
  • Automatic mains voltage selection

What's Included?

  • T & R PT18-10 mk2 High Voltage DC Cable Test System
  • Supply Lead
  • Spare Fuse
  • Operating Manual
  • 5m HV Output Leads
  • 5m Output Earth Lead
  • DP20 Discharge Probe
  • Carrying Case
  • Lead Bag
Part Code063

T & R PT Series Technical Specifications

Unit Type Voltage Continuous 5 Minutes
PT18-10 0 to ±18kV 5mA 10mA
PT30-10 0 to ±30kV 5mA 10mA
The above intermittent on times must be followed by an off time of 15 minutes and is based on ambient temperature of 25°C.
The positive and negative output voltages on the PT series are metered on the HV output by separate analogue instruments.
Unit Range Accuracy
PT18-10 0 to 20kV ±1.5% of full scale
PT30-10 0 to 30kV ±1.5% of full scale
The output current on both of the outputs is metered by a dual range analogue instrument. The 1mA range is selected by the 10 pushbutton adjacent to the mA meter
Unit Range Accuracy
PT18-10 10mA
±2.5% of full scale
PT30-10 10mA
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