Thermal & Night Vision Accessories

About Thermal Camera Accessories

Extend the capability of your thermal imaging camera with a spare battery, a tripod or additional thermal lenses to cope with the demands of each survey.

A thermal camera can be fitted with a selection of different wide-angle or telephoto lenses. If you’re working in a particularly small space, the standard thermal optics may not allow you to get far enough back from your subject to get the image you need; fit a Wide-angle Infrared Lens to bring in a wider field of view.

It could be that you actually need to be further away from your subject because it’s in a dangerous location or just very difficult to get to. Maybe it’s up on high, perhaps in an old building where a scaffolding tower would need to be brought in for full-on maintenance work. In this case you’ll need a Telephoto Infrared Lens.

If you want to get in really close macro lenses are also available, in fact there’s a whole range of versatile thermal lenses for many Fluke, Guide, Testo, Chauvin Arnoux and Flir IR cameras.

You’ve already invested in your infra-red camera and, despite the rugged and robust design, you’ve realised that the lens is particularly vulnerable to damage from dust or maybe the occasional scratch due to the occasional hard-to-avoid knock in particularly demanding locations.  Ensure peace of mind with a camera lens protector.

Don’t be caught without power for your battery. Spare batteries are available for all models of IR camera.

For those cameras that will accept voice annotation input consider adding a headset which allows the practical convenience of a hands-free microphone.

We stock accessories for FLIR, Guide, Chauvin-Arnoux, Fluke and many other thermal cameras.

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