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Time Electronics DC Current Calibrator with Null Measuring

Time Electronics DC Current Calibrator with Null Measuring
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  • Incredible accuracy of 0.02%

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Time Electronics DC Current Calibrator with Null Measuring Details

One of the best features of the Time 1024 DC Current Calibrator is that it has been designed to employ a reference diode that is precision aged, which acts as a source for basic reference. This is just one of the functions built into this calibrator that help to make it incredibly accurate. The high performance amplifier system, the FET chopper, ensures that this device has an excellent zero stability that is currently unrivalled.

Not only that, but in order to maintain a high accuracy and stability when performing calibration testing, precision metal film resistors are used, with temperature coefficients that are less than 10 ppm per degree Celsius.

If precision testing and calibration of applications is what you have been looking for, then this electronic calibration instrument is the answer you need. Taking accurate measurements becomes incredibly easy with the inclusion of a null balance system. This system works without compromising any of its normal calibrator functions. The operation of this device is completely backed up by the current source output whilst it is put against the current that is being measured. The difference that is detected by this device will be displayed on the incredibly sensitive centre zone null meter. If the null point is reached, then across this calibrator there will be no voltage drop.

The safety terminals of this electronic testing instrument are fitted as standard, and they are also completely compatible with 4 millimetre shrouded plugs. It can also fit bare wires, standard plugs and spade terminals.

If you have faced the problem of finding a precision testing instrument that can handle calibrating currents as well as measuring applications, the Time 1024 DC Current Calibrator is more than up to the task. 


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Part Code: 1024
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