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Time Electronics 1006 DC Millivolt Source

Time Electronics 1006 DC Millivolt Source
sku: 1006
MPN: 1006

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  • Accuracy of 0.02%
  • 1V with up to 3 ranges
  • Protection against short circuit and overload

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Time Electronics 1006 DC Millivolt Source Details

A highly accurate DC miilivolt source, the Time Electronics 1006 is suitable for thermocouple simulation (using appropriate lookup table) and also is suitable for calibrating chart records, A/D converters and digital multimeters.

Portable and easy to use, the 1006 generates output of up to 1V across three ranges with accuracy of 0.02%. It also has 20mA output current and best resolution as low as 1μV.

For added accuracy, the 1006 includes precision reference diode and low temperature coefficient resistors, ensuring that the output remains as stable as possible.

Time Electronics 1006 DC Millivolt Source Key Features

  • 3 ranges up to 1V
  • Accuracy of 0.02%
  • 20mA ouput current
  • 1μV best resolution
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Standard 4mm safety terminals compatible with 4mm shrouded plugs + standards plugs, bare wires and spade terminals
  • Removable protective cover
  • Powered by 6 x AA standard batteries
  • Average battery life of 100 hours
Technical Specs

Part Code: 1006

Time Electronics 1006 Technical Specifications

Output 0 to 999.9mV in 3 ranges
0 to 999.9mV in 0.1mV steps
0 to 99.99mV in 10μV steps
0 to 9.999mV in 1μV steps
Accuracy ±0.02% of setting + 0.02% of range ±1μV
Output Resistance Less than 0.2Ω on 1V and 100mV ranges. 1Ω on 10mV range
Maximum Output Current 1V and 100mV ranges - 20mA. 10mV range - up to short circuit value although it should be noted that loads of less than 1kΩ will give greater than 0.1% error
Output Voltage Stability Less than 60ppm/°C. Less than 100ppm per 3 months (non-cumulative)
Operating Temperature -10 to +60°C
Output Polarity Positive or negative switch selected. A centre 'off' position is also provided
Output Noise Level Less than 30ppm of full scale
Reference Source Precision zener diode, selected for stability and low temperature coefficient
Maximum Overload The instrument can withstand continuous short circuit on the output for all ranges
Null Balance Display On a front panel meter, zero and sensitivity controls are provided:
Maximum sensitivity: ±20μV f.s.d (3μV resolution)
Minimum sensitivity: ±200mV f.s.d
Input resistance: greater than 1MΩ
Power Supply 6 x AA size (51 x 14mm) batteries. Battery condition display indicates when the batteries should be changed. An alternative power source is 6 x NiMH cells of the same dimensions. These can be recharged via a socket on the top of the unit. The 6 rechargeable batteries and mains recharger are available as an optional extra
General Specs
Dimensions 200 x 75 x 110mm (215 x 100 x 120mm including protective cover)
Weight 0.75kg (1.2kg incl. protective cover)

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