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Time Electronics 1010 DC Voltage Calibrator

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With high 10ppm per hour stability and low noise levels, the Time Electronics 1010 is ideal for calibration, linearity and gains stability measurements on DC amplifiers, digital/electronic voltmeters, dataloggers and chart records.

Made for precision, the 1010 features five ranges up to 10V, with resolution up to 0.01μV and accuracy of just 0.02%. To set voltage output, simply set the range switch and dial it up to the desired value (it's also possible to adjust output polarity with the normal/off/reverse switch).

The 1010 is both a mains powered and battery powered instrument. It features an internal rechargeable battery with battery life of approximately 40 hours between charges.

For added safety, the 1010 is fitted with safety terminals compatible with 4mm shrouded plugs, standard plugs, bare wires and spade terminals.

Time Electronics 1010 DC Voltage Calibrator Key Features

  • 0.01μV to 10V in 5 ranges
  • 0.02% accuracy
  • Battery or mains powered (internal rechargeable battery)
  • 30mA output current
  • 10ppm/hr stability
  • Battery level indicator
  • Safety terminals
Part Code1010

Time Electronics 1010 Technical Specifications

Output 9 to 9.9999V in 5 ranges
0 to 9.999V in 100μV steps
0 to 999.99mV in 10μV steps
0 to 99.999mV in 1μV steps
0 to 9.9999mV in 0.1μV steps
0 to 999.99μV in 0.01μV steps
Accuracy 10V and 1V ranges: ± 0.02% of setting + ± 0.005% of range.
100mV range: ± 0.05% of setting + ± 0.005% of range, ± 1µV.
10mV and 1mV ranges: ± 0.05% of setting + ± 0.005% of range, ± 4µV.
Output Resistance 10V, 1V, and 100mV ranges = less than 0.1Ω (typically 0.05Ω). 10mV and 1mV ranges = 1Ω
Maximum Output Current 10V, 1V and 100mV ranges = 25mA. 10mV and 1mV ranges = up to short circuit value 30mA, although it should be noted that loads of greater than 1kΩ will give greater than 0.1% error
Output Voltage Stability Less than 30ppm per °C (0 to +50°C). Less than 5ppm per V variation in supply voltage. Less than 75ppm per year. Less than 10ppm per hour at constant temperature
Output Polarity Positive or negative switch selected.  A centre ‘off’ position is also provided.
Output Noise Level 10V, 1V, and 100mV ranges = less than 10ppm of setting ± 2µV (0 to 10Hz).
10mV and 1mV ranges = less than ± 0.05µV (0 to 10Hz)
Reference Sources Precision zener diode selected after a special ageing process for a temperature coefficient better than 5ppm per °C and stability better than 10ppm per month, non cumulative
Maximum Overload The instrument can withstand continuous short circuit on the output for all ranges
Power Supply Time Electronics power unit type PU2 which is housed in the rear of the 1010. The PU2 will power the 1010 direct from the mains or an internal rechargeable battery. The battery is automatically charged when mains power is connected. Access to the power supply is from the back of instrument
Battery Level Indicator A front panel display provides a continuous indication of the battery state
General Specifications  
Dimensions 217 x 160 x 193mm (W x H x D)
Weight 3.3kg
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