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TPI 183A Digital Multimeter

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The TPI 183A is an autoranging, true RMS digital multimeter.

This DMM can test a wide variety of basic electrical parameters, including DC voltage to 1000V, AC voltage to 750V, AC/DC current to 10A, resistance to 40MΩ, frequency to 10MHz, temperature to 2372°F and capacitance to 4000μF.

Additional functions of this unit include a low pass filter for noisy environments, separate fuse/battery compartment and audible continuity/diode testing.

TPI 183A Digital Multimeter Key Features

  • True RMS accuracy
  • Duty cycle for measuring modulating gas valves
  • Low pass filter for use in noisy environments
  • Separate fuse/battery compartment
  • IR serial interface
  • Auto and manual ranging
  • 4000 count digital display
  • Analogue bargraph
  • Backlight for use in poor lighting conditions
  • Test DC voltage to 1000V
  • AC voltage measurements to 750V
  • AC/DC current testing to 10A
  • Resistance testing to 40MΩ
  • Frequency to 10MHz
  • Temperature testing to 2372°F
  • Capacitance testing to 4000μF

What's Included?

  • TPI 183A Digital Multimeter
  • Rubber Boot
  • Test Lead Set
  • Instruction Manual

TPI 183A Technical Specifications

DC Volts  Maximum Input: 1000V

 Maximum Resolution: 0.01mV

 Accuracy: +/-0.05%

 AC Volts  Maximum Input: 750V

 Maximum Resolution: 0.01mV

 Accuracy: +/-0.4%

 DC Amps  Maximum Input: 10A

 Maximum Resolution: 0.01μA

 Accuracy: +/-0.8%

 AC Amps  Maximum Input: 10A

 Maximum Resolution: 0.01μA

 Accuracy: +/-0.75%

 Resistance (Ohms)  Maximum Input: 40MΩ

 Maximum Resolution: 0.1mΩ

 Accuracy: +/-0.05%

 Frequency  Maximum Input: 10MHz

 Maximum Resolution: 0.01Hz

 Accuracy: +/-0.05%

 Capacitance  Maximum Input: 4000µF

 Maximum Resolution: 0.01nF

 Accuracy: +/-3%

 Inductance  N/A

 (K-Type Thermocouple)

 Maximum Input: 2372°F (1300°C)

 Maximum Resolution: 0.1°F / °C

 Accuracy: +/-2%

 Continuity  Audible at less than 300Ω
 Diode  2.7V at 1mA maximum output
 Duty Cycle  Range: 0.1 to 99.9%

 Accuracy: 0.1% + 1 count

 True RMS Responding  Yes
 Conductance  No
 Pulse Width  No
 Data Hold  Yes
 Min/Max Record  Yes
 Time Stamp Logging  no
 Relative Mode  Yes
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