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TPI 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor - 8 Channel

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The TPI 9038 8 Channel Smart Vibration Monitor provides 24/7 monitoring of plant/ machinery operations. This product detects abnormalities in vibrations and rotation speed and alerts the user once abnormal measurements have been detected.

The TPI 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor features eight accelerometer channels with a 24VDC switched relay drive and 4-20 mA output for each channel. This product also has a temperature and a tacho input as well as an Ethernet socket, which enables the user to connect to the online vibration analysis software. In addition to this, the USB socket can be used to connect the TPI 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor to a laptop or PC. 

Using the complimentary Smart Vibration Monitor PC software, alarms can be independently set to trigger at a particular velocity or g level. Furthermore, provided a tacho is connected, this software can be used to establish a speed range, ensuring that the vibration monitor is not activated upon machine/ plant start-up or shut-down. This software and PC connection allows the user to monitor up to 64 modules at any one time, displaying the various vibration levels on the connected PC’s screen and facilitates detailed analysis of these results offering a 51,200 line FFT analysis, making the TPI 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor an extremely cost-effective and high-performing product.  

Furthermore, the user can view and analyse the results detected by the TPI 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor through subscribing to TPI’s Data Decypher service. This service can be accessed via internet browsers, allowing the user to view and configure all the modules being monitored. In addition to being able to view the results gathered by the TPI 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor remotely, this cloud-based service also automatically emails the user should one of the pre-programmed alarms be triggered.

The TPI 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor – 8 Channel, is carefully created to function in all modes upon the first usage and all subsequent usages, allowing the user to tailor this product to his/her needs.This easy-to-use product provides a low-cost solution to multiple machinery/plant monitoring needs, without affecting the systems it is set to monitor.

TPI 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor – 8 Channel Key Features

  • Cost-effective, multifunctional machine/plant monitor
  • Measures and detects abnormalities in rotation speed and vibrations
  • Tacho input
  • Temperature input
  • Alerts the user once abnormalities have been measured or inputted values have been breached
  • 8 accelerometer channels
  • Each channel is equipped with a 24VDC switch relay drive
  • Each channel is equipped with a 4-20 mA output
  • Ethernet socket for connection to online vibration analysis software
  • USB socket enabling connection to PCs
  • Complimentary Smart Vibration Monitor software
  • Software can be used to set velocity or g level alarms
  • Software can be used to set a speed range, preventing the monitor’s activation during machine/plant start-up and shut-down
  • Software enables monitoring of 64 modules simultaneously
  • All results displayed on PC
  • Can be connected to TPI’s Cloud service: Data Decypher
  • View and configure all modules monitored in this cloud service
  • Cloud service automatically emails the user when pre-established alarms are triggered
  • All modes are fully functional upon the first usage allowing the user to tailor this product to his/her needs
  • Easy-to-use
  • Seamless integration into monitored system
  • 24/7 monitoring

What’s Included?

  • TPI 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor – 8 Channel
  • Smart Vibration Monitor PC Software
Part Code9038

TPI 9038 Smart Vibration Monitor - 8 Channel Technical Specifications and Comparison Table

TPI also offers a 9034 Vibration Monitor with fewer channels, the table below details TPI's Vibration Monitor's technical specifications and the differences between these models.

Technical Specificatioin



IEPE Accelerometer Input Channels 8 4
Accelerometer Sampling Frequency 2 Hz - 25.6 kHz
4-20 mA Output Channels 8 4
24VDC Digital Outputs 8 4
24VDC Dig. Output Current Max 100 mA
Digital Ouptput Alarm Acceleration or Velocity (Channel Selectable)
Tachometer Input 1 (0V to any voltage +24VDC)
Frequency Dependent Alarms Yes (using Tachometer)
Temperature Input 1 (Typically 10mV/ºC)
PC Connection USB
Internet/ Cloud Connection Ethernet
PC Software
Vibration Alarms 8 4
Temperature Alarm 1 1
Alarm Choice Acceleration And/Or Velocity (channel selectable)
FFT Up to 51,200 lines
Time Waveform Yes
Supply Voltage USB or 24VDC
Supply Current 500 mA
Environmental IP50
Operating Temperature °C 0-55°C (32-151°F)
Storage Temperature º C 0-55°C (32-151°F)
Mounting DIN Rail 
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