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About Vibration Testers

Vibration testing is an important part of evaluating the robustness of common machinery. By simulating the effect of common vibration (sometimes taken to extreme levels) upon a piece of machinery, it is easy to see whether the machine can survive the levels of vibration that will more than likely be regularly applied to it.

Many common machines vibrate by their very nature. Car engines, washing machines, and common industrial machinery all vibrate to some extent, which can lead to errors and faulty parts if the machine isn't robust enough to withstand the effects of vibration. That's why it's extremely important to perform vibration testing on products before shipping them out for commercial use, as performing the test simulates the effects of constant vibration over time, allowing necessary repairs to be made when they're needed; that is, before shipping out for commercial purchase.

Vibration testing can also be used in smaller doses to complete diagnostic reports on machinery, allowing you to see which internal component is the cause of an error.

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