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ACVOKE Cable Spiker - Cables with Max Diameter 110mm & Voltage 275kV

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Note: product available in two versions. Using the dropdown box above, select between the following:

  • Standard Cable Spiker
  • Standard Cable Spiker with Blade Withdrawal Jack (more information on the jack available further below)

Widely renowned as the safety tool of choice around the world for ensuring that high voltage cables are completely safe, Accles and Shelvoke's (ACVOKE) cable spikers are cartridge-powered tools which fire steel spikes directly through HV cables to short circuit power, thus proving that the cable is completely dead.

Acvoke cable spikers are made to the highest standards and are high quality, high durability safety tools suitable for use with all cables designs and for penetrating all forms or normally-applied cable coverings. The spiker can be used with single and multiple conductor laminated, polymeric, elastomeric, unshielded, shielded, concentric neutral, interlock armoured, steel wire armoured, leaded cover and other applicable cable types.

This version of the cable spiker - the standard product - is suitable for use with all HV cables with diameter of up to 110mm and cables running voltage of up to 275kV.

For added safety, the Acvoke cable spiker remotely fires cartridges into cables, allowing the user to stand at a safe distance. This remote firing system uses a seven metre-long lanyard and release pin which are operated completely independently from the tool when fired. At this distance, the safety of the user is completely assured even if a live cable is accidentally spiked.

ACVOKE Cable Spiker Key Features

  • Fires a steel spike directly through a high voltage cable to prove that the cable is dead and safe to work on
  • High quality, high durability safety tool suitable for all cable designs and for penetration of normally applied cable coverings
  • Suitable for HV cables with diameter of up to 110mm and for cables carrying voltages of up to 275kV
  • Easy to assemble and simple to operate
  • The safest tool available for assured cable de-energisation
  • Remote firing - seven metre long lanyard and release pin operate separately from the tool to ensure safety even if a live cable is accidentally spikes
  • Unique self-setting safety system which requires delibarate action of pressing the Safety Catch to its 'fire' position, eliminating the risk of accidental firing when setting up
  • Requires no external power sources for operation
  • Sturdy construction for years of use
  • Compatible with various different cartridge* strengths and different clamping arrangements to cater for cables in any application
*Note: cartridges are NOT included as standard with the cable spiker and must be ordered separately. For more information on cartridges, see further below.

About the Optional Cable Spiker Jack

As an option the Acvoke cable spiker can be fitted with a jack system which will make it easier to remove blades when spiking polymeric cables.

Without the jack, sometimes it can be difficult to remove the tool from these cables; the jack is a simple solution to this problem. With the jack, you'll be able to:

  • Easily withdraw blades from polymeric cables
  • Reduces operator fatigue when trying to remove blades
  • Protect your Acvoke cable spiker for unnecessary damage during removal

Order Cartridges and Optional Clamps

Need cartridges or the optional clamps for your cable spiker? Please give us a call quoting the part numbers below and we'll be able to help!

Part Number Description
2260 Jack Assembly
2191 Conversion Clamp for 11kV Aluminium-Sheathed Cables
2238 Clamp for Polymetric Cable
2241 Clamp for Triplex Cable
7925 Box of 25 'Yellow Mark' Cartridges - Extra light charge for small polymetric type cables having no outer metallised sheath
7920 Box of 25 'Silver Mark' Cartridges - light charge for all aluminium-sheathed cables up to 300mm square
7900 Box of 25 'Green Mark' Cartridges - medium charge for plain-covered cables and for armoured cables up to 85mm
7900 Box of 25 'Red Mark' Cartridges - heavy charge for armoured cables over 85mm with Standard cable spiker and up to 150mm with Heavy Duty Spiker
Part Code2233
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