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Applent AT2818 Precision Digital LCR Meter

Applent AT2818 Precision Digital LCR Meter
sku: AT2818
MPN: AT2818

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  • High precision LCR instrument
  • Multiple-selectable measurement modes
  • High accuracy and excellent resolution

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Applent AT2818 Precision Digital LCR Meter Details

A high spec, professional-grade LCR meter for use in component inspections, quality control and laboratories, the Applent AT2818 includes all of the functionality you'll need for testing to a high degree of accuracy.

Featuring an extremely wide frequency range of 10Hz to 300kHz and test signal level from 0.01V rms to 2V rms, the AT2818 is ideal for evaluating LCR components, materials and semiconductor devices to ensure correct design and safety. The most recent firmware upgrade for this tester, Rev B2.0, has upgraded the AT2818 to have continuous frequency mode with resolution of 0.001Hz.

The AT2818 also includes a built-in comparator, allowing it easily output comparison and decision results for sorting components into a maximum of ten bins. A handler interface can combine together with a component handler (sold separately) to implement the AT2818 into process systems in order to automate component testing, sorting and quality control data processing.

Applent AT2818 Precision Digital LCR Meter Key Features

  • High quality TFT LCD display clearly shows all measurement parameters
  • OPEN and SHORT correction options
  • Comparator function: organise components into 10 files with 14 bins: P1 - P9, Ng, AUX, HI, IN and LO
  • RS232 connection to PC and integrated Handler interface
  • Measure multiple parameters:Cs, Rs, Cs-D, Cp-Rp, Cp-D, Lp-Rp, Lp-Q, Ls-Rs, Ls-Q, Rs-Q, R-x, Z-θrad, Z-θdeg
  • High accuracy measurements: 0.05% ± 5
  • Frequency range from 10Hz to 300kHz caters for many different LCR components
  • Automatic and manual range selection options
  • Key lock function
  • Average rate of 1-200 times

What's Included?

  • Applent AT2818 Precision Digital LCR Meter
  • ATL510 Test Cable
  • ATl601 Test Fixture
  • ATL600 Short-Circuit Slice
  • ATL108 232 Communication Cable

Optional Extras

These items are not included in the standard pack; please contact us by telephone for any enquiries about these additional items.

  • ATl608 SMD Patch Clamp
  • ATL508 SMD Patch Test Clip
  • ATS2818 Data Acquisition Software
  • ATL508A SMD Patch Test Clip
  • ATL508A SMD Patch Test Clip
Technical Specs

Part Code: AT2818

Applent AT2818 Technical Specifications

Parameters Cs-Rs, Cs-D, Cp-Rp, Cp-D, Lp-Rp, Lp-Q, Ls-Rs, Ls-Q, Rs-Q, R-X, Z-θrad, Z -θdeg
Monitoring Parameters Z, D, Q, θr, θd, R, X, G, B, Y, Vac, Iac, Δ, Δ%
Accuracy 0.05% ± 5 dgt
Frequency 10Hz - 300kHz (continuous frequency, frequency resolution 0.001Hz
Display Range L: 0.00001μH to 999999H
C: 0.00001pF to 999999μF
R, Z: 0.00001Ω to 99.9999MΩ
D: 0.00001 to 9.99999
Q: 0.00001 to 99999.9
Δ%: -999999% to 999999%
θdeg: -179.999° to 179.999°
θrad: -3.14159 to 3.14159
Source Resistance 30, 50 and 100Ω
Range Automatic, manual and nominal
9 ranges
Display Max 6 digital, principle parameter: 999999
Sub parameter: 999999
Monitor parameter: 999999
Signal Level 0.01V to 2.00V (10mV steps)
Speed 30t/s, 10t/s, 6 t/s, 3 t/s
1 - 256 average is available
Comparator 14-bin sorting, 10-bin GD, 1-bin NG, 1-bin AUX, 2-bin principle parameters NG; count function: MAX - 999999
List Test 10 ground frequency and level scanning measurement
Adjustments Open and short circuit sweep frequency reset, 3 point frequency reset and load calibration
Files 10 group files to save user's settings, 1 group to save system data in real-time
Interfaces RS232C, EXHandler, standard configuration USB Disc interface (article 10000 data)
Other Information LCR Automatic selection, keypad lock, SCPI instruction set, true-colour TFT LCD display
General Specs
Power Supply Voltage: 90V AC - 250V AC
Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz
Max Power: 20VA
Size 264mm (width) x 107mm (height) x 350mm (depth)
Weight: 4kg

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