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Machinery and cabling infrastructure in an industrial environment needs constant maintenance. Important machinery and processes that your industry is totally dependent on can break down without warning, leaving you stranded without the integral parts of your business operation.

It is therefore important to regularly test industrial machinery to ensure it’s working safely and at peak efficiency.  Thankfully you’re in the right place for the necessary equipment you need to keep you business running at an optimal level.

In our industrial category you’ll find a wide range of different testing equipment designed for use within the industrial sector.  One of the most useful products for testing machinery within an industrial environment is the vibration tester, designed to quickly assess whether machinery has faulty internal parts.

You’ll also find force gauges listed under our industrial category. These devices are used to measure the exact force exerted by something as it both pushes and pulls. 

In addition to these items you’ll also find AC and DC test sets, battery testers, frequency counters, intrinsically safe devices, phase rotation testers, refractometers and relay testers.

We’re always expanding our range of products with the latest and greatest innovations in the field, so make sure you check back regularly for brand new ranges of testing equipment. We only stock products from high-quality suppliers such as Megger, Fluke, Flir, Kewtech, and Seaward, so you can rest assured that all of our test equipment really is of superior ability.

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