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Radiodetection CAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool (50Hz) w/ StrikeAlert

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radiodetection cat4 detector

CAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool with StrikeAlert

CAT4 StrikeAlert model

Widely used as the tool of choice by professionals around the world involved with working underground, Radiodetection's CAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool will help you to easily locate underground buried utilities that generate their own signal.

The CAT4 builds upon the established functionality of Radiodetection's older cable avoidance tools, delivering a comprehensive digital professional locator that's highly sensitive, easy to use, and packed with functionality.

Multiple operating modes are included as standard with the CAT4 - an Avoidance mode allows you to simultaneously search for and pinpoint Genny, power, and radio signals; a Genny mode detects the signals transmitted by the Genny4 (see below for more information on the Genny4); Power mode detects the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables and the StrikeAlert facility will warn you of shallow buried utilities.

Radiodetection's CAT4 cable avoidance tool is made for comfortable use in any conditions - an ergonomic handle allows you to grip the tool during use, while a strong, lightweight ABS case around the instrument is rated to IP54 for use in all weather conditions. A built-in loudspeaker gives an indication of detected underground utilities and can be detached from the unit and held closer to the ear when working in noisier environments.

The noises generated by the CAT4 are designed to alert you to the specific type of buried utility - Power and Genny signals can be easily distinguished from each other and from background noise, helping you to determine exactly where utilities are, as well as the type of underground utility detected.

All Radiodetection CAT4 units include Dynamic Overload Protection; when used near high levels of electrical interference (such as those found around substations and near high voltage transmission cables), the CAT4 will automatically filter out this interference, allowing you to keep working without worrying about wrong results or overloading your unit.

Radiodetection CAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool Key Features

  • Used to detect the type and location of underground buried utilities which generate a signal
  • StrikeAlert mode quickly alerts you to the presence of shallow-buried utilities
  • Lightweight, ABS high-impact casing rated to IP54 for use in all weather conditions
  • Detachable loudspeaker - remove from the CAT4 in noisy environments and hold it closer to your ear to pick up the signal
  • High contrast display with automatic backlight - bar graph 'tidemark' allows you to determine the location of the signal by detected strength
  • Avoidance Mode - speeds up the process of pre-dig scanning by searching for power, radio, and Genny signals simultaneously with different audio signals depending on the type of buried utility
  • Genny Mode - the CAT4 is designed to seamlessly work with the Genny4 signal generator to pick up on generated signals and to allow you to detect utilities that may not generate a signal
  • Power Mode - detects electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables
  • Sensitivity control knob
  • Dynamic Overload Protection - filters out interference caused by HV cables to ensure accurate operation
  • eCert Remote Calibration Validation - use optional C.A.T Manager PC software to test the locating circuitry of the CAT4 and validate the results against the original factory calibration using an internet connection to Radiodetection. When passed, you can then print a new calibration certificate for your CAT4 (this process may involve extra costs - please call for further information)

Application Example

How to locate streetlighting cables using the C.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tool and Genny4

What's Included? 

  • Radiodetection CAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool (50Hz) with StrikeAlert Function

Boost Your Capabilities with a Genny4 Signal Generator

Important note: the Genny4 signal generator is NOT included with the CAT4 as standard. This item can be purchased separately by clicking this link >>

By using the Genny4 signal generator, users of the CAT4 can detect more, and smaller, utilities by injecting a dual-frequency signal.

With the Genny4, you can detect utilities that may not generate their own signal (such as pipes) or use it to find small-diameter cables such as telecoms and street lighting, including spurs. The Genny4 works hand-in-hand with the CAT4; you can inject the signal using the Genny4, then use your CAT4 to detect the signals generated by both the Genny4 and other buried utilities.

The Genny4 also includes a signal boost mode - this increases the output of the signal by up to a factor of 10, enabling you to locate deeper utilities and trace over wider distances.

Genny4 units are designed to be entirely flexible - you can combine these generators with various optional accessories to connect to plastic ducts, ceramic pipes, etc. Accessories including signal clamps, a mouse, live plug/cable connectors, and high-strength magnets are all available for the Genny 4.

Radiodetection CAT Series Comparison Chart

  C.A.T4 C.A.T 4+ gC.A.T4+
Avoidance Mode (A)

Genny Dual Signal Locate (G)

Power Signal Locate (P)

Radio Signal Locate 


Dynamic Overload Protection



Service Due Indicator 

SWING Warning 

CAL Safe

CAT Operation Logging 

GPS/GNSS Location Logging 

CAT Manager for PC Support

CAT Manager Mobile App Support 

Radiodetection CAT4 Technical Specifications

Locate Performance Sensitivity @1M Good Conditions Poor Conditions
Power Signals 3mA 3 2
Radio Signals 25μA 2 1
Genny4 Signals 5μA 4 2
Dynamic Range 120dB @ 10Hz
Dynamic Overload Protection 40dB @ 50hz (automatic)
Locate Accuracy ±10% of depth
Depth Accuracy
(on an undistorted signal with no adjacent signals)
Line: 5% 0.1m to 3m (4in to 10ft)
Sonde: 5% 0.1m to 7m (4in to 16ft)
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 50°C
Environmental Protection IP54
Batteries 2 x LR20 (D) 1.5V alkaline
Compatible with D-type NiMH rechargeable batteries
Data Interface USB 2.0
Recommended Service Interval 1 Year
Warranty 12 months from purchase
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