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CATU CM-90 Manoeuvring Pole 90kV / 1.85m

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This insulated pole can be used for many different high voltage tasks, including moving wires and other components safely without risk to the user.

Made of extremely sturdy resin polyester and glass fibers, the pole is totally insulated against voltage up to 90kV and measures 1.85m in length.

We also stock variations of this pole suitable for use on HV systems up to 45kV and 225kV.

Part CodeCM-90

Maneuvering/Rescue Pole Comparison Chart

CATU have a wide range of different poles for rescuing/moving objects and people. This table outlines the difference between each.

 Voltage Resistance 
 Total Length (m) 
 Weight (g)  
 CM-45 45kV
 CS-45*  45kV  2m  1000g
CM-90  90kV  1.85m  800g
 CS-90*  90kV  2.05m  1100g
CM-225  225kV  2.25m  850g
 225kV  2.45m  1350g


*Comes with wall-mounted supports

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