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CATU MG-130/131 Small Branch / Wire Cutter Insulated Pole (2 Sizes)

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With a sharp blade attached to a long insulated pole, this device is ideal for cutting wires at a distance.

The cutting capacity of this pole is 48mm for copper, 54mm for aluminium and 37mm for aluminium-steel. It can also cut 120kg/mm steel at a capacity of 5mm.

With sharp blades that can be changed as needed and a simple lever system for opening/closing the jaws, this is an ideal device for cutting wires whenever you need it. An insulated suspension hook and laminated ring also keep the wire cutter pole steady when cutting.

The wire cutting jaws of the pole can also be changed for a replacement.

Product Variations

This pole is available in two variations: one is 2.6m in length and the other is 1.8m in length. Please choose which you’d like in the drop-down box above when you make an order.

The table below outlines the differences between each pole option.

Code  Length (mm)   Exterior Diameter (mm)   Weight (g)  Copper
 Cutting Capacity 
 Cutting Capacity 
 Aluminium Steel 
Cutting Capacity
120kg/mm Steel
 Cutting Capacity 
 MG-130  2600mm 35mm 3800g 48mm 54mm 37mm 5mm
MG-131 1800mm 35mm 3300g 48mm 54mm 37mm 5mm
Part CodeMG-131

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