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Chauvin Arnoux CA745N Digital Voltage Tester

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The Chauvin Arnoux CA745N Digital Voltage Tester can be used to measure AC and DC voltages up to 690V. This instrument contains seven voltage thresholds and is able to automatically ascertain as to whether the voltage is AC or DC.

In addition to testing, measuring and identifying voltage, the Chauvin Arnoux CA745N Digital Voltage Tester can also be used to perform single-pole phase tests. When testing phase or earth the voltage tester will not inadvertently trip highly sensitive RCDs.

Further to this, the CA745N Voltage Tester indicates resistance readings on three thresholds. If a voltage is also detected, the resistance measurements are accompanied by an audible and visual alarm. Additionally, the voltage meter can be used as a continuity tester and will issue an audible signal when continuity is detected.

The Chauvin Arnoux CA745N Digital Voltage Tester features an LCD screen with two bar graph displays. These bar graphs indicate the threshold of each voltage and resistance measurement. 

The design of this display makes the Chauvin Arnoux CA745N Digital Voltage Tester easy to read. Adding to this instrument’s ease of use is its compact physical design, which has been optimised for comfortable handling, and its integrated test probe storage compartment.

The test probes are removable and easily replaceable; this, combined with the Chauvin Arnoux CA745N Digital Voltage Tester’s 150-hour battery life, works to ensure this product’s longevity. Furthermore, the user is able to check the tester’s remaining battery power using the battery status check.

The Chauvin Arnoux CA745N Digital Voltage Tester is a durable, easy-to-use, versatile voltage and continuity tester. It is the ideal addition to any electrician’s, heating engineer’s, mechanic’s and maintenance technician’s toolkit.

Chauvin Arnoux CA745N Digital Voltage Tester Key Features

  • Measure AC/DC voltages up to 690V
  • Can automatically determine whether the voltage is AC or DC
  • 7 voltage thresholds
  • Single-pole phase tests
  • When testing phase/ earth it will not trip highly sensitive RCDs
  • Indicates resistance readings on three thresholds
  • Resistance readings are accompanied by a visual and audible alarm if a voltage is also detected
  • LCD display with two bar graphs: one for voltage and one for resistance
  • Bar graphs indicate the threshold within which the detected resistance or voltage measurements can be found
  • Compact physical design optimised for comfortable handling
  • Integrated test probe storage compartment
  • Test probes are removable and replaceable
  • 150-hour battery life
  • Battery status check
  • Ideal for electricians, heating engineers, mechanics and maintenance technicians
  • 600V CAT III

What’s Included?

  • Chauvin Arnoux CA745N Digital Voltage Tester
  • 1x Set of Red and Black Etra-fine CAT III/ CAT IV Test Probes
  • 2x 1.5V AAA/ LR3 Alkaline Batteries
  • 1x User Manual in Five Languages
Part CodeP01191743Z

Chauvin Arnoux CA745N Digital Voltage Tester Technical Specifications

Voltage test 12 V to 690 V AC/DC (7 segments)
Impedance 400 kΩ
Phase/neutral identification Flashing “Ph” diode and intermittent beep for U > 100 VAC
Operating frequency DC and 50/60 Hz
Polarity test “+” and “-” symbols
Voltage protection Up to 1,100 V
Audible continuity test R < 2 kΩ
Resistance test 2 kΩ to 300 kΩ (3 segments)
Safety for resistance Audible and visual indication if a voltage is present (>12 VDC, 50 VAC)
Power supply 2 x 1.5 V batteries (LR03 or AAA)
Battery life 150 hours with alkaline batteries
Climatic conditions Temperature: -10 °C to +55 °C / Relative humidity: 10 to 80 % RH
Dimensions / weight 180 x 52 x 45 mm / approx. 200 g
Ingress protection IP54
Use 600 V CAT III installations as per IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-031, IEC 61010-2-033
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