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Comark EMT2K Economy Meat Thermometer

Comark EMT2K Economy Meat Thermometer
sku: EMT2K
MPN: 3062953

  • Test the core temperature of various types of meat
  • Stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • References ranges of beef, ham, veal, pork, lamp and poultry on dial

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Comark EMT2K Economy Meat Thermometer Details

This thermometer is made for testing that the core temperature of meat has met the recommended temperature when cooking.

Made from high quality stainless steel for easy cleaning, the Comark EMT2K has a dual-scale which shows temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, plus a reference meat type next to the relevant temperature.

Using the thermometer is simple - just make sure it's clean before use, make sure the meat is entirely thwaed and insert the thermometer stem directly into the center of the meat without touching bones or gristle.

Comark EMT2K Economy Meat Thermometer Key Features

  • Used for measuring the core cooking temperature of different types of meat
  • Temperature measurement range from +60 to +87°C
  • Recommended temperature zones for different meat types shown on dial face
  • Accuracy of ±1 division
  • Stainless steel design - durable and easy to clean
Technical Specs

Part Code: 3062953

Comark EMT2K Technical Specifications

Scales °F and °C
Temperature Measurement Range +60 to +87°C (+140°F to+190°F)
Accuracy ±1 division, 10° div (°F)
Material Stainless steel
Warranty 1 year

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