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DiLog DLL0C2 Domestic Lockout Kit

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The DiLog DLL0C2 Domestic Lockout Kit is optimised to safely lockout any circuit within a domestic property, regardless of the building’s age.

Featuring a greater number of products than DiLog’s DLL0C1 Personal Lockout Kit, as well as some additional items, this product has a greater scope for use.

The extra items included in this kit are:

  • A DL8103 Steel Lockout Hasp 1"
  • A DL8131 Wipeable Marking Pen
  • A CP1190 Lockout Carry Pouch
  • A second DL8130 Lockout Tag

The DiLog DLL0C2 Domestic Lockout Kit allows the user to safely isolate circuits in order that essential maintenance may be performed. 

What’s Included?

  • 1X DL810 Steel 38mm Safety Padlock
  • 1X DL8103 Steel Lockout Hasp 1"
  • 1X DL8105 Universal MCB Lockout Device (Aluminium)
  • 1X DL8106 MCB Pins-Out Standard Lockout Device
  • 2X DL8130 Lockout Tag
  • 1X DL8131 Wipeable Marking Pen
  • 1X CP1190 Lockout Carry Pouch
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