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About RCD Testers

Residual current devices (RCDs) are becoming more and more common as we move towards an electrically safe future. When installed on an electrical system, RCDs are designed to break the circuit quickly whenever the current is not balanced, thus ensuring that electricity is regulated and the risk of electrical shocks, fires, and other damage is minimised.

Although many RCDs include integrated test buttons, it is common practice for users to use a certified RCD tester to evaluate the overall efficiency and the correct installation of a residual current device. Common RCD testers work by inducing various levels of leakage current into the electrical system in a safe manner; this allows the user to evaluate the overall level of when an RCD will 'trip' the circuit, and it also allows them to evaluate the trip time (the time it takes the RCD to activate).

We stock a wide range of residual current device testers including Megger RCD testers, Amprobe RCD analysers, Metrel combination RCD testers, and products from Kewtech and UNI-T as well.

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