Electrical Test Equipment (18th Edition)

About 18th Edition Electrical Test Equipment

Tester.co.uk - the one source for all of your electrical test equipment needs. With hundreds of products available from the best manufacturers, you won't find a better deal on your test meters and accessories. Whether you're looking for a multimeter, PAT tester, clamp meters, or many other testers, you'll find it here for a great price.

The electrical industry is constantly evolving. With constant innovation coming from every turn and the rules and regulations of electrical installation and testing it is vital to learn about these changes and use high-quality, safe electrical test equipment that complies with all rules and regulations.

All of our equipment in this category is certified for use under British Standard 7671 Wiring Regulations (18th Edition) and includes a vast selection of test equipment for staying in line with 18th edition wiring regs and also building regulations such as Structure (Part A), Fire Safety (Part B) and Part P: Electrical Safety - Dwellings.

Our range of electrical test equipment is constantly being added to - we always strive to offer the latest innovations in the tester and meter field and you'll find regular updates to our existing product range as well to give you all the information you need about making an informed choice. Most products listed on Tester.co.uk come with extensive information on key features, as well as listed technical specifications, datasheets, and other essential information to help you choose the right tester for your needs.

Electrical test equipment covers an extremely large scope of testing devices. Under this category, you'll find our range of 18th-edition electrical testers and accessories broken down into categories to help you find exactly what you're looking for. These categories are:

Our test equipment is supplied from around the globe by the world's premier trusted manufacturers. You'll find many names you recognise available on our store including Megger, Seaward, Fluke, and many others, each of which is known for developing innovative, safe, and compliant testing devices. We work closely with our suppliers to bring you the best deals on all of our equipment.

If you have questions about anything, whether it's a tester or simply about our delivery process, we're here to help!