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Electrical Test Equipment

  • Essential publications for use by all professionals within the electrical industry. Includes such books as the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, Isolation and Switching, IET Guidance Notes and specific electrical training publications.
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  • An ideal accompaniment to 18th edition compliant work, these certificates allow users to create and distribute electrical safety certificates for Part P, Emergency Lighting, Minor Electrical Installation Works and more.
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  • Software packages suitable for use with 18th edition test equipment, such as multifunction testers, from Amprobe, Fluke, Metrel and Seaward. Create reports, manage test data and create graphs based on downloaded content.
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  • Calibration checkboxes, or electrical checkboxes, are used for routine observations of test equipment and allow users to maintain accuracy in between official calibration procedures. Suitable for use with PAT testers and with other testers and instruments.
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  • Loop impedance testers, or loop testers, verify the loop impedance of a live electrical circuit without disconnecting from the electrical supply. Most testers include non-tripping RCD technology as standard to prevent unexpected outages.
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  • Verify that electrical current paths are safely earthed with our large range of earth testers. Earth spike testers, high current loop testers and handy bundle packs with earth stakes, leads and more included all available.
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  • EMF meters are used for verifying the presence of electrical magnetic fields given off by electrical equipment. Ideal for use in heavy-duty electrical applications, laboratory testing conditions and also suitable for aspiring ghosthunters!
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  • Range of insulation and continuity testing instruments including Megger insulation testers, insulation resistance testers, Fluke testers and insulation meters from Amprobe, DiLog, Seaward, Metrel, Martindale, Kewtech, Extech and more.
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  • These testers will test absolutely everything you need to check when completing or testing an electrical installation. Huge range of MFTs including the Fluke 1600 range, Megger installation testers and much more!
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  • Gain a comprehensive snapshot of how power is being used in your facility and verify where energy is being lost. All of the latest power analysers and power analysis tools from Fluke, Hioki and many others can all be found here.
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  • An array of accessories, including clamps, memory cards and cable markers, optimised for use with Chauvin Arnoux, Extech, Fluke, Kewtech, Megger and Metrel (etc) Power Quality Analysers.
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  • Perfect for laboratories and product design applications, the equipment in this category can be used to verify electrical safety, service equipment using multiple electrical parameters and to simulate PAT conditions.
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  • An essential accompaniment to a voltage tester, proving units verify that the tester remains accurate both before and after testing. Both the NICEIC and NAPIT strongly recommend using these regularly when testing.
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  • Test RCD trip time and overall residual current device safety/efficiency with our range of RCD test equipment. Includes handheld RCD testers, Megger RCD testers, RCD analysers and multifunctional RCD testers which also measure loop and PSC.
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  • A must-have for your electrical toolkit! Just insert one of these testers into a socket and it'll tell you what's wrong with the wiring using audio/visual feedback. We also stock socket adaptors for use with digital multimeters and other testers.
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  • Make a saving on your test equipment purchases with these test equipment bundle packs! With multiple testers, test leads, carrying cases and more included, these are great for all electricians and are fully 17th edition compliant.
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  • Verify the presence of voltage with our range of low cost voltage detectors and fully test voltage levels with voltage testers from all of the leading electrical test equipment manufacturers such as Fluke, Kewtech, Martindale, Amprobe and Megger.
    View All - the one source for all of your electrical test equipment needs. With hundreds of products available from the best manufacturers, you won't find a better deal on your test meters and accessories. Whether you're looking for a multimeter, PAT tester, clamp meters or many other testers, you'll find it here for a great price.

The electrical industry is constantly evolving. With constant innovation coming from every turn and the rules and regulations governing electrical installation and testing it is of vital importance to learn about these changes and use high quality, safe electrical test equipment that is in compliance with all rules and regulations.

All of our equipment in this category is certified for use under British Standard 7671 Wiring Regulations (17th Edition) and includes a huge selection of test equipment for staying in line with 17th edition wiring regs and also building regulations such as Structure (Part A), Fire Safety (Part B) and Part P: Electrical Safety - Dwellings.

Our range of electrical test equipment is constantly being added to - we always strive to offer the latest innovations in the tester and meter field and you'll find regular updates to our existing product range as well to give you all the information you need about making an informed choice. Most products listed on come with extensive information on key features, as well as listed technical specifications, datasheets and other essential information to help you choose the right tester for your needs.

Electrical test equipment covers an extremely large scope of testing devices. Under this category you'll find our range of 17th edition electrical testers and accessories broken down into categories to help you find exactly what you're looking for. These categories are:

  • 17th Edition Books - Range of essential publications for training, electrical safety compliance and staying in line with regulations
  • 17th Edition Certificates - Handy books containing various types of certificates made for use during electrical testing or electrical installations
  • 17th Edition Software - These software packages are compatible with many different meters or testers in store
  • Calibration Checkboxes - Check your tester for accuracy in the time period between official calibration procedures
  • Earth Loop Testers - Loop impedance measurements are made easy with our range of earth loop testing devices
  • Earth Testers - Measure earth resistance levels or earth leakage using our comprehensive range of earth testing devices
  • EMF Meters - Accurate measurements of electromagnetic fields are possible using these devices. Popular with electrical professionals and ghost hunters.
  • Insulation & Continuity Testers - The latest insulation testers and continuity testers are available in store for great low prices
  • LCR Meters - Combination testing devices that measure inductance, capacitance and resistance levels
  • Multifunction Testers - These comprehensive combination devices do it all. Whether it's RCD testing, continuity testing or loop testing, MFTs have you covered.
  • Proving Units - Used in combination with two-pole voltage testers to prove their accuracy in the time between official calibrations
  • RCD Testers - Accurately analyse RCD installations by evaluating overall RCD trip time.
  • Socket Testers & Adaptors - Check the internal status of wiring inside sockets without the need to disconnect the system
  • Test Equipment Kits - Bundle packages of test equipment including accessories, popular test meters and much more
  • Voltage Testers - Range of non-contact devices for quickly detecting and evaluating the overall status of voltage points

Our test equipment is supplied from around the globe by the world's premier trusted manufacturers. You'll find many names you recognise available on our store including Megger, Seaward, Fluke and many others, each of which are known for developing innovative, safe and compliant testing devices. We work closely with our suppliers to bring you the best deals on all of our equipment.

If you have absolutely any questions about anything, whether it's a tester or simply about our delivery process, we're here to help. You can call us on the numbers at the top of the page for assistance every weekday from 8:30 to 5:30 or you can alternatively email us at or use the 'Product Questions' section on a product to send us a message.

So what are you waiting for? The tester for you is waiting out there on the web pages of Get browsing and find your new piece of electrical test equipment today!