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About Solar Installation Testers

Fitting photovoltaic (PV) cells onto domestic or commercial properties can be a difficult and time-consuming job. Often the best way to cut down the amount of time it takes to finish a job is to ensure that your engineers have the very best tools at their disposal.

The tools required for fitting and testing PV solar panels are very similar to tools used by most standard electricians (such as clamp meters and multimeters) but the difference is that PV tools have been specifically designed to utilize a full range of features for extra accuracy. The major advantage to multifunction testers is that they contain a whole toolbox worth of testers in a single lightweight test instrument; this can be incredibly useful when working at heights because you will always have the right tool and not break your back carrying it with you as you work.

All of the multifunction testers we stock are Part P and 18th edition compliant and have a wide range of tests they can complete including:

  • Insulation resistance tests
  • Earth continuity tests
  • Automatic RCDs tests
  • Measure loop impedance and line impedance
  • PSCC (prospective short circuit current) tests to determine required circuit breakers and fuses
  • Socket polarity tests
  • Wiring polarity checks
  • Phase sequence / rotation checks

At Tester, we also offer a range of PV testing kits that contain a range of different tools to work with a solar multifunction tester in a single discounted package. These kits tend to include the tester itself, an additional clamp meter, and an irradiance meter to help locate the very best location for your installation. All of these tools can be offered alongside an expansive range of accessories.

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